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How to Increase Your Employee Productivity After Eid Holiday

It’s completely natural if your employee experiences a slight decrease in productivity after a long holiday. This recently happened when the 2019’s Eid holiday period ended a few days ago.

As a company, you absolutely don’t want to prolong this kind of thing. There are several ways that you can do to increase your employees’ productivity after a long Eid holiday. Here are 5 of them:

Make your employee do less work

It’s pretty normal if your employee experiences some kind of jet lag after a long holiday. That’s why it’s not recommended to burden them with a lot of work as soon as they get to the office. Make them do less work, or even let them do their usual job but reduce the work hours.

This is how you humanize your employees. They are not robots that work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are times when they have to rest or take time off to return the mood for work after long Eid holiday.

Give a little leeway

Applying strict work rules on the first day of work after a holiday is not the right thing to do. The holiday mood is still hanging in the air, there is also fatigue of traveling from hometown is the main cause of your employees the performance decrease.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to provide a little leeway for your employees. For example, allowing your employees to come a little late or work half a day for those who have just arrived from hometown on the first day of work, or hold a light meeting. This method is a very effective transition from the holiday mood to the working mood to make your employees more productive.

Holding a welcome party

After a long holiday, it’s quite common for some companies to hold a welcoming party for their employees. Such companies are schools and government agencies, why don’t you give it a try?

With the atmosphere is still around, the first day of work after Eid holiday is the right moment to hold this kind of event. By opens up your heart to forgive other employees, this event is suitable for ice breaking, or to reestablish previously broken friendships.

Fresh office

The thing that will definitely make the working mood fall apart on the first day of work is a messy office. The need to clean their working space before the work started can make those who are tired will be unproductive even more.

To anticipate this, it’s a good idea to emphasize your employees to clean their respective work areas before the holiday starts. Otherwise, ask the janitor to clean the entire office at least a day before the Eid holiday ends.

Restore morale

If you need your employee to work effectively on the first day of work, then you need special tricks to restore your employees’ morale immediately. One trick that you can do is by giving bonuses or gifts to those who able to give the best performance in the first week of work.

This method can boost your employees’ working mood pretty quickly, or even take it to a higher level than usual. The happy feeling of your employee after seeing their family in their hometown can be used to boost morale in the following days.


Maintaining employee productivity after the Eid holiday is indeed important. But that does not mean you have to run company regulations rigidly. There is nothing wrong with giving your employees some respite so that their productivity can return to normal.

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