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Employee Gamification: A Fun Way to Grow Your Business

The term gamification is getting more prominent recently. Therefore, in businesses, it acts as a strategy to acquire customers or improve employees’ productivity and creativity. Startups and marketplaces such as Grab and Shopee have successfully implemented this strategy. Therefore, in this article, you will find a further explanation about it and its benefits specifically in employee gamification.

employee gamification

What is gamification?


Gamification is a process that integrates game mechanics into existing programs. Certainly, it aims to improve participation, engagements, and loyalty. In addition, it’s applicable in almost every department. For example, it can boost social media engagement, day-to-day operations, employee productivity, and more. 

Gamification asserts game elements in non-game activities to make them more fun and engaging. Meanwhile, it acknowledges competitions, points, achievements, rewards, rules, status, and individual expressions to receive feedback.

Employee gamification at a glance

This strategy is a good way to improve human resource management. As a result, gamification is capable of increasing employees’ creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. For example, its application is by announcing the best employee of the month. 

However, instead of assessing them traditionally, gamification sets targets that can be achieved gradually, through what we know as “levels”. During the employees pass a level, they will receive points or badges that represent how close they are to the rewards. So, they will always have a reason to perform well. 

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Benefits of gamification in the workplace

Gamification implementation delivers a lot of advantages for the company. Here is some of it:

1. Enhance objectivity in assessment

This process depends on automation and data collected in the HRM system that has been integrated with other systems. Thus, the manager will be able to track, for example, how many salespersons manage to close deals with the clients or how efficiently the customer service team solves tickets. 

The real-time information will increase objectivity because the assessment utilizes hard data and is not based on the managers’ moods and personal interests. 

2. Provide more directed feedback

Gamification is a perfect way to give feedback to the employees. By using leaderboards, they can review their performance based on the predetermined benchmark and his/her colleagues’ performance. 

It is easier for the management to provide useful and targeted feedback. After all, feedback is one of the most important things in gamification so that they can evaluate themselves. 

3. Help employees master their field

Another benefit of gamification is it helps employees to develop themselves. The leveling system allows them to learn new things. As a result, later on they will realize that there are tasks that they found difficult to work on are no longer a burden to them. 

4. Motivate everyone

If you manage to implement gamification successfully, it will bring a positive impact on your organization’s culture. Passing the benchmark, being valued, growing their capabilities, and receiving feedback constantly are the elements that make people enjoy working for the organization. 

5. Enable employee’s recognition

Aside from the financial benefits that gamification offers, it deliberately enables the status of each employee in the workplace. Gamification demonstrates the people who have excellent performance, who make impressive progress, who move slowly, and who need a little wake-up call. 


The definition of gamification and its benefits specifically in employee gamification. So we can conclude that this program helps the company and employees grow in a fun way. After that, to implement this program, make sure that you have an HRM system with gamification features. Most significantly, it will help you make the assessment. HRM system from HashMicro can automate your administrative tasks by calculating salary and taxes, managing leave and attendance, Expense claims, and more operations.

employee gamification

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