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Menstrual Leave: All the Things You Need to Know

We all know that every woman in the world experience a menstrual period every month. But so little of us know that some of the women experience excruciating pain and cramps when they have their period. It makes them unable to concentrate and be productive. That’s why some countries are adopting menstrual leave as a workplace right.

Countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Zambia are allowing their female workers to take a menstrual leave during the first and second days of their period. The collective labor agreement should also include the rules regarding menstrual leave.

If you are currently working in one of those countries, you can try to apply for menstrual leave if you need one. But some companies might ask you to get a sick note from a GP, while the others might not.

Menstrual leave with a sick note

Until this day, we still can hear some of the female employees can’t apply for menstrual leave from their company, even if the country already made the regulation about it. That’s why it becomes a dilemma among female workers in countries such as Indonesia.

Nevertheless, some companies allow their female worker to take a day off or two if they can get a sick note from a doctor. It’s reasonable because the company requires evidence of medical examinations that indicate that the employee experiencing pain during the first and second day of menstruation.

However, many of the employees oppose this method and not taking their leave in the end. 

Menstrual leave without a sick note

Not every company requires you to have a sick note from a doctor when unable to work during the first and second day of your period. Although somewhat rare, some companies provide this kind of convenience for their female workers in this situation.

All you need to do is apply for leave to your superior and HR manager. However, if the pain continues on the third day of the period, you need to get a medical certificate from your GP.


Whether it’s difficult or not to apply for menstrual leave is highly dependent on the collective labor agreement that binds the employer and the employee. If you are a company owner or HR manager, it’s your highest priority to make it easy for your female worker to get their rights, even more so if your country already had a regulation about menstrual leave.

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