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5 Tips for HR Manager to Avoid Bad Recruitment

As an HR manager, you definitely don’t want to choose the wrong employees. The reason is clear. Hiring unqualified employees wastes time and money. Therefore,  you must be very careful during employees recruitment process.

This article will help you avoid hiring people who do not suit your expectations and needs of your company.

Don’t ignore the red flag

A candidate might look good on the CV but, you never know their work ethic before they actually work with you. This is why a job interview is one of the important stages.

During the interview process, candidates often show red flags and HR manager, consciously, often ignore them. Here are some things at the interview that can be a sign of the applicant will be having a poor performance when he starts working in your company.

Coming late at the interview? Most likely they are undisciplined.
Family involved during the selection process? When the applicant is rejected, he will find it difficult to accept the decision.
Shabby appearance at interview? Yes, their appearance will be like that every day.
There are many more red flags that must be considered.

Don’t ignore the signs. If it’s possible, ask them individually about your concern so that you don’t make biased assumptions.

Let them know your expectations

Don’t ever think that you have no right to tell your employees what to do because they are adults.

Yes, indeed, you don’t have to tell them the same thing way too many times. However, if you want your employees to work according to your expectations, you have to explain your expectations clearly, make sure they understand it, and provide feedback  about their understanding.

Every company and position must be different. Each boss also has different expectations. Even if your prospective employee is very skilled in the same field at his previous company, you still have to explain the meaning of success for your company.

If you don’t explain it, assuming your employees has understood, you will not be satisfied with their performance. They cannot read your mind, and finally, you will consider you hire the wrong of employees.

Understand their goals

Sometimes, when employee performance is bad, it’s probably because they don’t consider working in your company as their long-term plan. Maybe, they are not sure if your company is their final destination or not.

The way to solve this problem is to ask your employees during interviews about their goals. You have to know what they want in six months, five years, ten years, and so on.

It is not too difficult to do, but it has a big impact on the outlook of your prospective candidate .

Make sure the job description matches the position offered

The mistake most companies make is opening a job for a specific position but hope their employees can do many things.

Before hiring someone, you must know what you expect from your prospective employees. Therefore, make an appropriate job description.

Don’t shock your employees. For example, someone is applying for the digital marketing position that you are advertising. Don’t make and hope he or she is capable of designing, content writing, or other chores outside the description of the digital marketing position that you publish.

Maybe you can occasionally ask for their help to do tasks outside their responsibilities but, ask for their understanding before doing the task.

Appreciate them

This tips is actually more relevant when prospective employees have been accepted to your company but, there is nothing wrong if it’s here.

If you label one of your employees with “the wrong one” maybe that is because they you do not evaluate them, the company, or the opportunity that they give. So how do you show your appreciation for them?

If there is no appreciation, they will feel as a worker that can be easily replaced. One thing that you should not is giving money as a bonus or else is not a good appreciation.

Employees must feel as useful individuals and they have helped the company achieve its goals. Thus, if the company is progressive, employees will feel that they are a part of the progress.


Hiring workers who don’t get along with your expectations can sometimes be an obstacle for your company.

Before making a decision about which prospective worker you will accept, both you and the applicant should be clear about each others’ expectations.

For more tips on improving employee performance and other HR tasks, you can click the following link.

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