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6 Tips to Recover Your Productivity After a Long Holiday

You are not alone if you feel lethargic and lacking productivity after a long holiday. This is probably because you miss those happy moments. You were too busy to relax, try foreign food, sleep in a comfortable hotel bed, enjoy fun activities and you wish it lasts forever.

But, at the end of the day, you should go back to your normal life and your bulk schedule starts to haunt you. Instead of feeling on full gear to start the day, you feel unmotivated even mental burnout. Therefore, to save you from that, this article will give you 6 useful tips to recover your productivity after a long holiday.

Don’t go back to work immediately

Everyone needs some time to adjust to their normal routine after returning from vacation. So, if possible, take a day or two off as your preparation to go back to work. You can spend your day making up your home, unpack your belonging, or other things.

Just focus on getting used to your normal routines. If not, you can experience stress on top of fatigue while you work.

Create a to-do list

Spare your time a day or the morning before you work to plan what you’re going to do on the first day. Create a to-do list that contains activities that you are going to do in the office. It helps you to prioritize the tasks you must do.

Start with the old tasks that you have not finished when you were leaving for a holiday. It gives you a sense of normality when you have your routines back. You might be tempted to start a project as soon as you sit on your desk, however, it’s not recommended. You will feel overwhelmed and tired before lunch.

Do the tasks that you know how to and require less time. Small tasks can build your confidence. Do not rush.

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Bring your holiday to the office

The souvenirs that help you recover your productivity is your vacation memory. One of the fatigue remedies is reminiscing delightful moments that you spent with your family or friends.

You can frame your holiday picture on your desk or you can set up a diffuser with oils that remind you of the places you visited. It gives you back the positivity that can boost your energy to get through the day.

Interact with your co-worker

There will be some of your co-workers asking you about your holiday. This is the perfect chance to normalize the office nuances. You can talk about the vacations even to the details.

To avoid a sense of bragging, ask them about their holiday. You will be surprised to see how people love to talk about their experiences. Those types of light conversations can help strengthen the friendship bond in the office.

Have a quick rest

Our brain is incapable of staying focus on working the same task for a long period, especially after a holiday. Your brain might wander around hence decreasing your productivity. To avoid this, take a short break 2 to 5 minutes to reset your brain.

Set a timer to remind you for a quick rest.  You can exercise deep breathing, stretch your body, or walk around your office.

Gather round with your team

Have a meeting but not the serious and formal one. Make it casual instead. This activity will help you be productive and prioritize tasks. It’s really important to disentangle the team from confusion after leaving the work for quite long. Moreover, you can enhance team cohesion and trust.

Going back after a long holiday can be challenging sometimes. However, of course, it’s not that difficult. There are ways to solve it and find your normal work pattern all over again.



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