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7 Strategies to Develop Your Employee’s Leadership Skills

Every company certainly needs a leader. Without a leader, the company will not be able to achieve its work properly. Because of the great responsibility, a leader must have certain qualifications. These qualifications are commonly referred to as leadership skills. Leadership skills must be continued to be honed by doing a lot of practice and learning from various sources. Read self-improvement books, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, pay attention to other leaders at work, and much more.

In choosing a leader, the company must review all of its employees. Hashmicro has a product called EVA Talent Management that can help automate the process more efficiently and accurately. Companies no longer need to record and check their employees one by one, because all of them will be tracked by EVA Talent Management. Back to leadership skills, there are 7 strategies that can be done to develop your employee’s leadership skills:

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1. Identify Which Leadership Skills are Important

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To become a leader, it is important for your employees to identify what skills need to be developed. Starting from communication skills, the ability to motivate, be trustworthy, have positive energy, and many others. They must also be responsible and lead a company consisting of employees with different characters and ways of working.

They must be able to handle if there are problems that arise either from external or internal factors. And of course, they can’t be rash in making decisions because the impact is large-scale. By identifying these leadership skills, they can be more focused and focused on training themselves in their employee leadership skills.

2. Give Stretch Assignments to Learn New Leadership Skills

Stretch assignments are temporary jobs and those are offered to employees to see how they handle unusual circumstances in their work. Integrating a skills management platform can effectively track and enhance the outcomes of such stretch assignments, providing valuable insights into employee development.

In addition, stretch assignments can also provide opportunities for employees to develop new skills. These stretch assignments could be; managing a volunteer or intern, implementing a new or significant project, participating in the strategic planning process, and many more.

The results of these stretch assignments can be used as a reference for companies to see which of their employees has leadership skills. Besides, stretch assignments could generate an opportunity to show managers that the employees have initiative and are ready to take on more responsibility. These stretch assignments are also usually given to prepare the employees for upcoming promotions and evaluate their talents and interests.

3. Encourage Responsibility and Independent Thinking

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When the manager is constantly dictating the employee’s work, they will become accustomed to waiting for orders instead of doing the work on their own initiative. They become less independent in thinking, and as a result, will reduce work motivation. Also, it could lack their creativity in thinking.

Encouraging responsibility in your employees will automatically make them more confident, train their ability to solve problems and increase their motivation to work better. In addition, with the ability to think independently and can be trusted with responsibility, they will be trained to have leadership skills.

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4. Have Clear Opportunities for Growth in Leadership Skills

Conducting various training sessions to develop leadership skills is excellent, but other than that, clear opportunities also play a big role in motivating employees. The company can promise them a reward or even a promotion if they do a job better than the other employees. Surely, it’s something for them to consider about their job performance. 

With clear opportunities provided by the company, they will be more motivated to grow as an employee, and of course, encourage them to increase their loyalty to the company where they work. Clear opportunities can also give them a job-related target and can hone their skills as the job progresses.

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5. Delegate Authority to Train Leadership Skills

Delegation of authority is the process by which a superior gives authority to someone who has a position under them. This is usually given if they often do a good job and are responsible for the work assigned. Delegate authority is also their opportunity to show the employee leadership they want to act on.

But of course they have to be serious in carrying out the authority given by their superiors because it requires a big responsibility. If they succeed in carrying out the duties of this authority, then they have the potential to become a potential leader in the future. Or at least have the skills needed by the leader.

6. Institute a Mentorship Program

You as the company could institute mentorship programs as a strategy for your employees to develop leadership skills. Guidance given directly from a leader can help the employees to see and know more clearly about the world of employee leadership. Employees can brainstorm with their mentors about difficulties and experiences while leading a project.

Mentorship program help employees become more effective in their roles and strengthen their connections with others in the workplace. They can also work together on a project with a mentor, and from there they can learn how a leader handles a problem that can arise at any time. Working on a project with a mentor also gives them a more realistic view of a leader’s work.

7. Encourage Continuing Education in Leadership Training

Continuing leadership education through leadership training is also an important thing your employees can do to develop your employee leadership. Because in leadership training courses, your employees will get a lot of knowledge and insight and have the opportunity to act on everything they got from the training in the field that has been provided.

Of course, they have to be committed to this because all the training will cost money. They should make the most of all the knowledge that the class they are taking provides them with. With training, your employees will be better prepared to become potential leaders because they already have the proper knowledge.

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In choosing a leader, a company has to review all of its employees to see which of them has the most potential. To get a clear, accurate, and time-efficient review, Hashmicro has a solution that can be used by every company. EVA Talent Management is talent management software that helps to make managing and monitoring employee activities and performance easier and more practical. With EVA Talent Management, companies can see whether or not there is employee leadership happening among their employees. For a clear insight of the software, you can contact us and get a free demo here.

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