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The Importance of a Certificate of Employment for Worker

A certificate of employment (proof of employment) is one of the essential documents that employees or workers often need. It is because it becomes an important requirement in processing various affairs. HRM software is a computer application program that helps companies structure their Human Resource Management administration and decision-making processes. One of the features of HRM software is the automatic management of employee documents, one of which is a certificate of employment. Learn how much this program will cost you to use by downloading the HashMicro HRM software price scheme

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Without this certificate, the employee’s affairs cannot be processed. Thus, proper employee document management is required. Document management is crucial in large companies with many employees. Using HRM software makes employee transfers, promotions, and admissions much easier. What is a certificate of employment? This article will provide information about the importance of this certificate for workers.

Certificate of Employment

What is a Certificate of Employment (proof of employment) ?

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A Work Certificate is an official document that contains information about the job position of an employee of the company. Employees can order this certificate from their human resource development team when requesting it. Later, the human resource development team will produce this certificate. To prevent misuse of certificates, usually use an HRM system that can monitor the administration carried out by its employees.

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Certificate of Employment (proof of employment) Aspects

There are several important aspects to this certificate. A letterhead must include the company logo, company name, company office address, and company contacts. Furthermore, make sure that there is a certificate number in this certificate.

No less important, in this certificate, employee or worker personal data such as name, address, and date of birth must also be listed. Every employee must ensure that the personal data listed in this certificate is correct.

Furthermore, below the employee’s data, there is information about the employee’s employment history. In this statement, a company will confirm that they are one of its employees. Also in this statement will be written how long the employee is being worked in the company.

At the end of the certificate, there is the certificate’s issue date and a signature from company authorities. The signature will be equipped with a company stamp as validity proof.

The Function of Certificate of Employment

As one of the important documents for the employees, this certificate has various functions. Here are the various functions of the certificate of employment for employees:

Administration of loan application to the bank

This certificate functions as a loan application administration requirement to the bank for the employees. In this case, employees who will apply for a loan to the bank must include a certificate of employment as one of the administration requirements. Later on, The bank will review the loan application of the employees through this certificate.

Administration of new credit card application

Not a few people want to apply for a new credit card. In the credit card application, someone must attach several supporting documents. One of them is a certificate of employment. Later on, the bank will review the credit card application through this certificate.

Administration of professional track scholarship application

Currently, there are many higher education scholarship programs held by the government or private parties. Employees can try to sign up for the program through a professional track. When registering, there are important requirements, namely a certificate of employment. In addition, make sure that the company has legalized this certificate.

Official proof of work experience

In every work experience you have, try to ask for a certificate of employment from the company where you worked before. This certificate will be official proof that you have worked for their company. Therefore, you must keep this document wisely.

Requirements of the job recruitment process

If you want to apply for a new job, you need a certificate of employment from the previous company. This certificate will explain your work history at the last company. Later, the recruitment division of the company will review your job application through this certificate.

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The Examples of Certificate of Employment

Not a few employees or companies feel confused about a good example of this certificate. Furthermore, here is an example of this certificate that becomes one of the important documents for employees:


A certificate of employment becomes one of the important documents for employees. There are various functions of work certificates. For example, this certificate is a supporting administration document for employees applying for credit loans to the bank.

certificate of employment

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