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5 HR Application Features to Grow Southeast Asian Companies

The main job of a human resource department (HR) is to improve employee performance in their company. But this is not an easy task because the HR department has a lot of responsibilities that must be carried out every day. That is why they need help from an HR application to make their job a lot easier.

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To achieve this, the spoken HR application must have the necessary features. The problem is, of the many HRIS out there, not all of them have the features you need. There’s a cheap one that has limited features, or the one with complete features but comes with an exorbitant price.

Therefore, you must choose the best HRM software that is suitable for your company. The best way to do this is by figuring out what are the features that you need to have on the software you choose. Here are 5 of them:

HR Application

Time and attendance management

HR Application

It’s no longer the time where you record your employee’s attendance using paper or spreadsheets. Not only it is difficult for your HR staff to collect the data but also vulnerable to fraud.

To overcome this, choose an HR application that has a biometric system to record employees’ attendance. The system is effective to minimize fraud, and also able to shorten the time required for the HR staff to collect employee attendance data.

Payroll management

This is the most basic feature that any HR application should have. For companies with thousands of employees such as manufacturing, retail or wholesale, HR application is crucial. The software will help your HR staff to manage wages, benefits, and tax payments.

With the help of HRIS software, salary calculation errors can be reduced to a minimum. Thus, the level of employee satisfaction and loyalty will rise. In addition, the HR application will make it easier for you to store important data such as payslips since all of the data is stored online.

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Tax and insurance management

Complying with government regulations is a must for every company. That includes paying taxes and providing insurance for your employees. Imagine the workload if you have to calculate hundreds of tax payments and insurance for your employees?

HR applications can help you avoid this kind of hassle. All tax and insurance calculations will be done automatically by the system. The system will automatically deduct employee salaries in accordance with government regulations for insurance and tax payments.

Claim management and reimbursement

From time to time, companies must incur claims and reimbursement costs from the employees. The claims and reimbursement included but were not limited to business travels, equipment purchase, and many others.

A good HR application must facilitate your employees to make claims, not the other way around. From the management or HR department perspective, HRM software must facilitate approval. Choose the software that only requires you to do simple clicks to approve claims and reimbursements.

Comprehensive report

As we mentioned earlier, the HR department’s job is to improve employee performance. Then, how can you know how much your employee improved without the help of reports?

Therefore, you have to make sure the application of your choice has a full reporting feature that makes it easy for you to monitor the progress of each employee every month.

In addition, in facilitating the process of managing and assessing the performance of each employee of your company using EVA Talent Management from HashMicro. With this system, you can monitor and maximize the efficiency of the overall assessment of the student. In addition, you can find out the potential of employees easily and accurately to maximize employee work performance.

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Choosing the right HR application turns out not that easy. Yes, there are quite a lot of options that you can choose from, however, not all software is suitable for your company.

If you are still having trouble deciding which HRM software is best for you, please fill out the form on the bottom right of your screen to chat with our team and get more information about the HR application that is most suitable for your company.

HR Application

You can use EVA HRIS Essential software from HashMicro to optimize all administrative data management processes and activities of your company’s employees easily and efficiently. This software has a variety of features that can help the HR division in simplifying various administrative processes such as, attendance automation, multilevel employee database security, employee contract data management, multi approval, centralized documents, easy supervision, and automation of all employee finances.

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