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Increase Business Profits with the Cross Selling Method

If you offer several related products, for example when you are in retail industry, cross-selling is one strategy that can be done. This term may be unfamiliar, and you rarely know it, but you often come across it. It is also a way of selling a different product or service to a customer who has bought something from you. A Retail System can also help you run your business in only one system to easily manage customers and financial transactions. 


The following are things that must be considered in carrying out cross-selling techniques:

Never force cross-selling of products to customers

The idea is to offer items that are likely to be pleasing and valuable to customers. Customers will appreciate your efforts in providing advice. Avoid coercion, and customers may leave without buying anything.

Only recommend related products

Only suggest products or services that are related to what the customer plans to buy. If a customer recently purchased a refrigerator, don’t ask them if they would like to see your new 3D television. Instead, ask them if they would like to buy an extra pure water filter for their new refrigerator.

If you suggest an unrelated product, the customer will quickly find out that you are just trying to increase sales without considering their needs. The customer will not believe your intentions and will go elsewhere.

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Listen to customers

How can you know exactly what a customer might need? Please get to know customers and listen to clues to their complaints. For example, a customer might state that they are looking for a DVD player with excellent picture quality for home movie playback. You can suggest a player equipped with a home theater system that will enhance the quality of their viewing experience. If you listen to your customers, you will likely understand their preferences and needs. By selling smarter, faster, and more effectively, you can also use the most complete Sales Management System to boost your sales team productivity.

Don’t over-sell

If you start offering too many products, the customer may become confused or suspect you are selling to make more money than actually trying to help him. Limit yourself to providing an additional product or two unless prior experience strongly encourages customers to buy more.

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Make customers the main focus

To be successful in this technique, you must make the customer the main focus. If the main objective is to make money, the customer will notice right away. Many failures occur because the employee’s actual profit-seeking intentions are so evident that the idea is that the business doesn’t care about them. Only offer products that are related to customer purchases and which can increase their satisfaction.

cross selling

Advantages and disadvantages of cross-selling

Companies use different sales tactics to increase revenue, and one of the most effective is cross-selling. Cross-selling doesn’t just offer customers another product to buy; it takes skill. Businesses must understand consumer behavior and needs and how complementary products meet those needs and add value.

Customers buy from brands they trust and have had positive experiences.  Therefore, it is easier to sell to existing customers than to new ones. Existing customers are more likely to buy products related to or complement what they already plan to buy. When consumers start using a brand’s product more, they become more loyal.

On the other hand, cross-selling can hurt customer loyalty. Done incorrectly, it can emerge as a selfish and pushy sales tactic. This is evident when a salesperson is aggressively trying to sell a related product or trying to sell without understanding the customer’s need for the product. The condition not only affects sales but also negatively affects brand reputation.


Cross-selling can be successful when you are promoting a relevant product that complements the original product. The method works because the prospect is already buying the actual product and therefore meets the requirements.

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