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5 Tips to Pick the Best Cashier Program for Your Business

No matter the business size you run, the technology implementation will certainly help your business grow. CCTV for security, inventory system for warehouse management, to the most important aspect for retail business; cashier program.

The problem is, of the many cashier program developers in Indonesia, which is the best for you? In this article, we will provide tips for choosing the best cashier program.

Do your homework

What we mean here is not researching the program, but the software developer. How long has the company been established, and the number of clients that have been served is a small number of things that must be acknowledged before making a choice.

Higher company credibility will make you feel at ease when they become your partner. The number of clients can be used as a reference to measure their experience in handling companies in Indonesia.

Complete features

Find out which cashier program has the most complete features. The software is pretty much useless if it has an attractive UI but cannot provide sales reports. Make sure your chosen program has all the features you need to run a business.

But do not rush your choice before knowing its price. The feature could be complete but it has exorbitant price. Therefore, choose modular software. With this, you only need to pay for the features you need.

Easy to use

There is no point in software with complete features if it’s difficult to operate by your staff. This cashier software should be able to use by a youngster or elderly, as well as those who are highly educated or even high school graduates.

Ideally, you don’t need to spend a lot of time training your staff to use this software. Only a few hours briefing and your cashier are ready to serve buyers. Make sure the cashier program of your choice has this convenience.

The developer can be contacted easily

There are times when the software is broken down or needed maintenance. At times like these, you certainly need an immediate response. Make sure your software developer can be reached at any time.

Pay attention to the response speed from the developer when there is a problem arise. If they give a fast response, that means you have chosen the right software developer.


What we mean by flexible is that you can access the data you want easily anywhere and anytime. This is important for you as a business owner. Because when you need to make important business decisions, you can retrieve the data because it is stored on the cloud server.

That is the importance of your cash register (POS) connected to the internet and cloud servers. In addition, your data will be more secure because the security in cloud servers have become sophisticated in recent years.


Those are some tips for choosing a cashier program that you can apply before deciding which one is the best for you. These five factors can be your main consideration among others. To help you decide, you can read our other articles which talks about the 5 best store applications in Indonesia.

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