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5 Tips and Example of Corporate Social Responsibility in Retail Industry

Recently, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming popular in the retail industry. Because CSR is not only capable of making this world a better place but also brings more profit to the retailers.

According to research, customers prefer buying a product or service (with the same price and quality) from a company that previously engaged in CSR. It’s solid proof that CSR is one of the best strategies to increase your sales.

Here are some corporate social responsibility ideas for you to explore:

Create specific products for charity

If you manufacture or design your products, you might want to create some products specifically for charity purposes. Eventually, proceeds from sales of these products go directly to charity partners or associations.

It can encourage your customer to buy the product. Because just by purchasing the merchandise, the customer knows that he is contributing to the charity work carried out by the company.

Run a charity event

The next CSR idea is by running a charity event. You can organize the event to coincide with certain commemoration days, such as World Cancer Day or Children’s Day. You can run it on your social media and invite customers or business partners to join the charity.

You can donate the event’s proceedings to an orphanage if it coincides with Children’s Day. But you don’t have to wait for a particular commemoration. You can run the event anytime you want, and you will have more options regarding the place or organizations as the donation target.

Become a sponsor of community activities

If you can’t run a charity event, you can take part in a charity event held by other parties. If you do a little research, there are plenty of activities and places for your corporate social responsibility.

You also can opt to become a sponsor for community activities around the company. For example, you can sponsor prizes for various competitions in that event.

Money or merchandise donation

Donation is the most common method of corporate social responsibility. Usually, the company donates its proceeds to a non-profit organization. But, make sure that the non-profit organization you choose is trustworthy. Do a little research beforehand.

Some companies choose to donate their products to those in need, for example, FIGS with their thread for thread program. For every set of products sold from their website, they will donate one scrubs for medical personnel on third world countries such as in Africa and Latin America.

Internal CSR

CSR is not always donating to other external parties. There are times when you can run CSR internally for your employees who need your attention. For example, giving donations to employees whose family is sick or affected by a disaster.

It will not only helps the employee but also can improve the other employee’s spirit while working for you. Your staff will be more motivated, and their loyalty will also improve significantly.


Corporate social responsibility, whatever form it takes, will ultimately benefit the company itself. Spreading kindness to others can increase your company’s brand image and will bring you more customers to your store.

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