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How to Prevent Employee Theft with POS Software

Employee theft is the biggest threat that can happen in your company. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to find out whether your employees have a tendency to do thievery or not. However, that does not mean you have no way to control your employees to reduce the potential thievery. One way to control your employees is by using POS or Point-of-Sale software. You can find out about the sale system pricing scheme calculations to help you decide which POS software suits best to your company.

In definition, POS software is a system to carry out retail sales transactions. Generally, we can find POS software used in restaurants, cafes and the like. Other than to facilitate sales transactions at the cashier, POS applications also have other interesting benefits. One of those benefits is to prevent employee theft. You can manage your store purchases & cash control and have real-time updates from anywhere at anytime using high quality Retail POS System. You can also get a price calculation for HashMicro software based on your business requirements by downloading software pricing scheme of ours.


Void out sales access limitation Using POS Software

Void out sales is common practice in retail businesses. We often find buyers who request their purchases to be canceled by cashiers. There are many reasons for void sales, such as picking the wrong item, wrong size, not enough money, and many more. Those major falses can easily be avoided using the best Point of Sales system.

The problem is, cashiers use this method to commit fraud. For example, when a transaction is void out, the purchased item is not returned to its shelf. This happens because the access to cancel a purchase is not restricted. You can prevent that with a business efficiency solution using a POS System from HashMicro.

POS software allows you to limit who is allowed to access void out sales. Thus, you can minimize the possibility of thievery.

Implementation of cash tracking

Cash money is the most frequent and easily embezzled by your cashier. Knowing whether your employees are committing fraud or not will be difficult without any help.

This is the main reason for the increasing number of retail company start using POS software. With best POS software, they can easily track anyone among their employees who often input “void”, “no sale”, or “cash paid out”. Thus you can find out what is the reason those actions.

POS software is capable of making your cashier unable to open a cash drawer if there is no transaction. With this feature, you can reduce thievery as low as possible and you will discipline your employees.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Creating security clearance

This point is still related to the first one. You certainly don’t want everyone to be able to void out sales, right? But with manual cashier transactions, you can only trust your staff to always be honest with you.

Unfortunately, the reality is not always as pretty as we want it right? There are some people who still commit thievery even though you chose them through a series of interviews. This problem will not happen if you use the POS software.

With the POS application, you can determine which of your staff who can void out sales. For example, you can arrange for only managers can do that. You can set up a security hierarchy and avoid theft practices.

Perform audits regularly

Using the POS software will make it easier for you to monitor everything related to your cashier’s activities. From checking inventory system to purchasing processes can be monitored if you connect the POS software with either inventory or purchasing systems.

There are several cashier activities that you can monitor with the POS application:

  • Price changes
  • Order voids
  • Removing items from orders
  • Security violation
  • Time clock changes

By monitoring the five things above, you can find out which of your employees has the potential to commit thievery. You also can take precautions before those misconducts happen in your company.

Those are some POS application features also tips and tricks you can use to prevent employee theft in your company. For other interesting articles about industrial technology and its development, you can click the following link. You can also get free HashMicro software demo and consult your company’s needs with our business experts just by downloading our software pricing scheme, click here now!


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