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Why Customer Complaints Are Good for Your Business?

In 2022, there still are a lot of business owners that don’t quite understand how to handle customer complaints properly. They think that they have done everything but still losing customers in the end. This happens because they do not have a good customer service system. Nowdays, there is a software that can help you to handle your customer in better way namely Customer Relationship Management software. With the right CRM software, you will able to boost your sales team productivity, especially with the most complete Sales Management System in Singapore. You can also find out about the CRM software pricing scheme calculations to help you decide which one  suits your company the best. 

So, how to properly handle a complaint from your customer? And also why we said customer complaints are great for your business? We will talk about those two things in this article.


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Provide a unique experience

Research reveals that companies in the United States lost $ 62 billion every single year due to poor customer service. On the other way around, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer service quality report a significant improvement in their revenue.

The data also implies that 84% of customers willing to pay more to get better customer service. It means that customer service will become the brand key differentiator, replacing price and product quality. Even if your competitor provides a lower price or merchandise, but they will lose their customer if they provide inadequate customer service.

Leverage customer complaints

You can leverage customer complaints on your social media channels, phone calls, even emails. Keep in mind that they are not trying to make your products or business look bad. On the other hand, they want it to be better. Now, it’s your job to accommodate those complaints and work to make your product better in the future.

Thank your customers that voiced their complaints against your products or services because they’re the tip of an iceberg. There are a lot of your customers who don’t complain but quietly switched to your competitors. Here are some benefits of customer complaints:

  • You can identify the gap in your services and improve your product’s quality
  • Gain valuable insights into competition
  • Improve customer’s loyalty
  • Improve your business’ online reputation
  • Understand your customer’s habit and behavior when using your products or services

Leverage the tools to help you manage your customers, such as call center software. The software enables you to track customer’s ticket easily. It’s also integrated with PBX and pretty easy to use. Track urgent tickets swiftly and provide an enhanced customer experience for your customers.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Use L. A. S. T. method to solve customer complaints

LAST is a popular method among businesses, especially in customer service departments. Numerous companies adopted this method to solve customer problems.

  1. Listen: Let your customer express all of their complaints and don’t cut them until they finished talking. Even if you disagree, keep it cool and hear every word they said. Reiterate their problem to demonstrate that you were listening.
  2. Apologize: The next thing you have to do is apologize to your customer. Express that you are sorry that your service or product quality fail to achieve their expectations.
  3. Solve: Even if you don’t have the proper solution to solve their problem, tell them that you will contact your manager and call them back later. Indeed it’s not a solution they’re expecting, but it’s progress nonetheless.
  4. Thank: Say thanks to your customer that point out the problems of your products or services. Tell them you will address those problems immediately.

At this moment, you have successfully improved your customer service quality by handling customer complaints properly. You have succeeded in turning a previously unhappy customer into a happy customer with the best customer service practices.

Wrapping it up

No customer wants to do business with you if you treat them poorly. Please keep in mind that they’re the ones that bringing money to the table by purchasing your products or services. Treat them well, and they will become your loyal customer in a very long time. Using the Helpdesk and Ticketing Applications from HashMicro will help your customer complaints. This application makes all incoming calls, emails and tickets can be managed automatically in one platform.

you can also choose the right ERP vendor after calculating the ERP software pricing scheme. Tell us about your type of business and industry and we will offer you the best business solutions. If you want to get a free demo of our tour product, click here!


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