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Retail Business Management Tips for New Entrepreneurs

It is undeniable that retail businesses are the type of business with the highest demand in Indonesia. From ordinary people, famous artists to government officials, many of them were jumping head first and become retail entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, most of them are unfamiliar with how to do proper retail business management.

As a result, most of them end up losing money in the first year. The only thing you have to do is learn about retail business management. If this piques your interest, there are some simple tips that you can do to make you run your retail business easier. Let’s start from the simple one.

Mark your merchandise with barcodes

Beginners often underestimate the importance of barcodes. There are many reasons they would say, such as the process of implementing barcode takes too much time and energy. Another reason is that they only have a small number of items in the warehouse and in the store.

What they didn’t know, there are many benefits of implementing barcodes from the retail business management aspects. One of them is preventing confusion when identifying your old and new stocks.

Without the code, the goods that you move from the warehouse may probably be new items. While your old stock stays in the warehouse until the expiration date ends. You certainly don’t want that to happen, right?

Manage storage warehouses properly

The next aspect of retail business management is better warehouse management. Good warehouse management will greatly help your retail business operations. With proper warehouse management, the flow of goods in your warehouse will become smoother.

Another benefit that you can have from managing your warehouse properly is increased safety in your warehouse. Neat merchandise placement can prevent your employees from accidents while working inside the warehouse.

Record each transaction in detail

Every occurred transaction at your retail store must be recorded. If not, then prepare to start losing money. Imagine how much money you will lose if there are one or two transactions goes unrecorded every single day?

Maybe it doesn’t matter if the undocumented item is cheap. But what happens if one item costs hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah?

That is why many retail entrepreneurs start using POS systems. The goal is to improve the retail business management. With the POS system, every transaction can be recorded in detail. In addition, the POS system can be utilized to avoid thievery.

Check every item that goes in and out of the warehouse

The flow of goods from and to the warehouse must also be carefully monitored. Without supervision, thievery often occurs in warehouse areas that can be done by external or internal parties.

Not only that, checking incoming and outgoing items from your warehouse is useful as a filter for damaged goods goes into your warehouse. In this way, you can avoid potential losses when selling your merchandise at the store.

Run the stock taking from time to time

Stocktaking is one of the retail business management processes that must be done from time to time. This process is useful to check merchandise availability, also the merchandise condition in the warehouse. The results will be matched with the inventory data from the previous stocktaking.

More often than not, the process of stocktaking will take a long time to complete. It usually took days to complete if the number of goods in the warehouse reaches thousands in number. This is why retail businesses start using a warehouse management system.

With the help of this system, the stocktaking can run faster and easier. Compared to the manual method, it took only a few hours to complete the whole process.


Managing a retail business is indeed full of challenges, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. With the help of the right tools, you can run retail business management with better organization and it will help you develop your retail business.

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