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Boost Your Furniture Retail Store Profitability in 5 Steps

Furniture is an evergreen industry. The design evolves along the way and varies adapting to each business target market’s needs and desires. Selling it is pretty simple. But how do you make your shop grow and expand it? Is there any chance for you to boost furniture retail store profitability? Does it solely depend on the design? Or, it tends to lean on how good you are in funneling the sales? Without further ado, we’ll break it down for you.


Table of Contents

1. Create a distinctive branding

Show off what makes your store unique. It will be easier to work on if you have specified your target audience. The way of telling and showing office furniture and home furniture should be different. Mind the age too. The younger generation prefers minimalist interior nuances, quite a distinctive style from the boomers. 

It will be a waste of money and time if you blast the same message to all audiences. You should be offering your potential customers the value that they want. It could be the design, sustainability, material, etc. After you decide the image, start showing it off in your store if possible, and bring it digitally. CRM software that is integrated with Marketing Automation is a tool that you can use to do it. It helps you market the right product to the right audience effortlessly. 

2. Bring the in-store experience to your website

Your store interior and product display affect your chance of selling more. Potential customers usually focus more on the in-store experience. They’d like to picture and feel each product before they bring it home. And you, as the seller, have the responsibility to activate their emotions. 

However, since visual-based content proliferated the internet, customers tend to do an online search before they visit the store and make the purchase. That means you need to bring the experience and emotion to your website. 

To keep your customer’s interest, make sure that your website displays the sensibility that you would like to convey. It includes professional pictures, nicely curated content and lookbook, quick load, and comfortable in all formats – browsers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Augmented reality for furniture shopping. Via: TechCrunch

3. Find your most valuable customers

The time for cold-offers has long gone. Your sales team needs data to work effectively. Website visitor records and your existing sales data are powerful sources to leverage your sales. If you know how to analyze it and transform it into personalized marketing strategies, you win it. 

With recent technology, you can approach people who have visited your website and offer them the product that they visited the most. You can make a personalized email messaging that says you’re ready to serve them and show that the product is the best choice for them. Moreover, with your existing customers, you can identify what kind of categories that bring you the highest transaction value. You can decide to act more on them and target more customers-alike. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

4. Give your sales team good training

Both offline and online sales should know all the steps they have to go through to close a deal. It includes excellent product knowledge and all the basic selling skills. They should always know what you’re promoting and where the items are located. 

Good listening and engaging in dialogue skills required. You have to make sure that the salesperson can find the right product that the customer is looking for and offer them other products that are related to their needs and preferences. Give them proper training sessions to ensure they are doing their best. You can also keep track of their performance from the CRM’s feature, pipeline management. Then, hold an effective appraisal session on a routine basis with the help of HRM software

5. Provide a satisfying delivery

Furniture delivery service is also an important aspect of your business. This is the last step to give a memorable impression to your customer. Therefore, you need to make sure that this process is perfect. It includes on-time delivery and clear communication. Your delivery crew should be presentable, polite, and helpful. They should also know how every product should be handled. If you decide to neglect this part, all your efforts from marketing to closing deals will leave negative reviews. And you don’t want it to happen, right?

In conclusion

Is there a way to increase the profitability of your furniture retail store? Yes, a lot. All it takes is to approach the audience with the right message, bringing it into a world of digital, data analytics, and impeccable customer service. When you do this, you will grow a solid brand and use a retail ERP system to make managing your business processes easier while instantly providing unforgettable experiences to your customers! You can start HashMicro’s Retail Innovation Software demo for free now.


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