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      How to Manage Your Time During Work From Home

      Before corona happened, we used to get up early in the morning, get dressed, and commute to the office. But now, we had to stay at home.

      Working from home change our daily routines, and it also affects our time management as an employee. There are a lot of employees complaining that they had difficulties in managing their time while working from home.

      As a result, employees’ productivity decreased. So, is there a way to properly manage our time during work from home? Worries not! Here are four of them:


      Make a tight schedule while staying at home.

      When we were still working at the office, there are a lot of things to do, even if we don’t schedule it before. When our task completed, we can offer help to our teammate. This way, we can stay productive and work efficiently.

      But, working from home makes us confused about what to do next since there’s no co-worker next to our desk. To stay productive, try to make a to-do-list. List any task that you want to complete on that day. You might want to consider how much time you need to complete a task, until the minutes.

      Make this activity as the first thing you do in the morning before you begin working. If you want, you can also put things like exercise, hobby, and family on your to-do-list. Doing so will make your daily activities more organized and create new positive behavior.

      Eliminate things that will disrupt your work

      There are a lot of people that don’t prefer working and stay at home since there are things that will disrupt their focus while working. TV, kids playing in the house, are among things that can disrupt your work.

      Therefore, you need to stay away from them while you work. Turn off the TV if no one is watching it, tell your kids to lower their voices while you’re on an online meeting, are things you have to do before start working. Also, turn off any unnecessary notifications on your cellphones, such as Instagram or Facebook.

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      Set a goal

      Whether you work at your office or stay at home, setting a goal can shape your focus and improve your productivity. Without a goal, a worker can get confused and don’t know what to do most of the time.

      That’s why you have to learn to set a goal while working from home. For example, you can set a goal to complete your project before the deadline, or come up with an idea to develop the company for managers or directors.

      Use project management software

      The fact is, it’s going to be extremely difficult to work from home without any help from software. Start from coordinating, employee presence, and monitoring employee performance will be impossible if done manually. That’s the reason why work from home developer companies got a lot of new clients since governments around the world establishing social distancing rules.

      We suggest you use a project management software that’s affordable but still had rich features. Running a business will no longer be a challenge with WFH software. Employees can also coordinate smoothly, even if they stay at home during social distancing.


      Work from home can change our habit as an employee. But with some tips and the help of project management software, your productivity won’t suffer anymore. You can start HashMicro’s Project Management Software demo for free now.


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