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17 Reasons Why School Management System is Important

A school management system is essential for every school to operate. No doubt. It holds many crucial functions to ensure school management runs smoothly. The teachers, staff, and other external parties can collaborate easily through a centralized platform.

It doesn’t stop there. Integrated school management software also bridges communication between the school, students, and parents. Here are the reasons why the school management system is important for schools in Singapore.

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What Is the Importance of Educational Management and Administration in Enhancing School Performance?

Schools are considering implementing the right software to boost their activities and the learning system. Get the school system pricing scheme calculations here to estimate the budget effectively. If your institution considers implementing the right school management software, these points below might reassure you!

1. Attendance Record Just in A Few Clicks

Recording and reviewing students’ attendance is just one of the basic yet super useful features of the cloud-based school management system. It allows the teachers to formulate reports with various matrices automatically.

Moreover, with the complete school management software, teachers can use the SMS feature to notify parents if their children are absent. Therefore, parents will get a notification indicating that the teacher has received a sick notification or leave of his child. Or, it can alert them if their children skip classes without permission. This simple feature surprisingly acts as a disciplinary tool too.

2. More Organized (Online) Materials with School Management System

This platform has one component that allows students can download, upload, and complete assignments, notes, and projects. This component is e-learning management. The system is accessible if used simultaneously. They can attach various documents to the system as long as they are authorized.

It also helps them review past lessons by accessing the uploaded materials. They don’t have to carry all the heavy textbooks in their backpack if the school provides proper tech assets. It’s a well-known fact that the students share their study materials and lecture notes with each other via the StuDocu sharing platform which simplifies their process of preparing for the lesson. It’s time to pay more attention to our kids’ backbone health!

3. Better Exam Management

Exam Management (
The school management system streamlines communication.

Another feature that makes this system important is how it helps teachers to conduct exams. They can upload the exams, randomize the questions to prevent cheating, and use various exam formats. Using the system, their creativity to assess the students is not limited. Plus, it saves students time during the exam by not spending too much time using an eraser or per correction.

However, if teachers prefer traditional paper-based exams, the system can help them by keeping the students’ grade records. Then, they can generate and calculate students’ performance throughout the semester.

Teachers can immediately post exam results so students and their parents can find out.

4. Effortless Fee Payment with School Management System

At the beginning of the semester, parents or students will usually queue at the bank to get a turn to pay tuition. Luckily, the system provides a channel through which they can pay online.

This is an effective method to minimize late payment issues, thanks to the SMS feature that sends updates about fees that parents have not paid

5. Effective Communication

This system has a feature that connects parents, students, teachers, and school admins effortlessly. Blasting SMS, emails, or specific notification regarding the activities in the school is no longer a burden. The information about recipients is already stored in the system, so you don’t need to input it manually.

Teamwork (
The school management system streamlines communication.

6. School Management System Can Track School Vehicle

The system allows the school to monitor the vehicle route and odometer by using IoT integration. It also schedules the maintenance for the vehicle to maximize the vehicle’s life span. Taking good care of the vehicle will increase parents’ confidence in the school because they know their children’s safety is in good hands.

7. Help Student’s Admission

The beginning of the semester is often perceived as one of the most daunting periods for school. They need to process hundreds to thousands of student applications. Thankfully, the system helps schools get rid of such chaos by implementing an online admission system. Prospective students simply upload all the required documents to the system, and the school can review them without worrying about losing them.

Later on, after students are accepted, they will upload their personal data and documents to the system. Then, the system will save it. Thus, they can always access it, even after their graduation. Lastly, the system minimizes mistakes due to human error and lost or duplicated documents. Many students need academic assistance, so Varsity Tutor Reviews is here to provide academic assistance to students.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

8. Parents Can Access It Too

The school management system connects schools and parents directly. It informs the parents about their children’s development and learning progress without having to wait until the end of the semester or the occasional parents’ conference.

This information is available anytime, from the student’s performance to their ongoing projects. Hence, parents and teachers can work hand-in-hand to fulfill their responsibility in teaching the youth.

9. School Management System Streamlines Staff Management

Not only benefits teachers, but the school management also improves the HR staff’s workflow efficiency. They can keep track of other staff’s attendance, leaves, performance, and salary calculation without a hassle. Therefore, they can focus more on ensuring teachers’ welfare, improving all staff performance, and developing better hiring decisions.

10. Workable Inventory Management

Some schools have a store that sells school supplies, uniforms, or books. A good inventory management system helps the school inform the available stocks and items that are about to run out and automatically creates purchase order requests.

What Makes School System Important

11. Proactive Multi-Tasking

If the administrative process takes a lot of time for just one student, how much time is needed for student administration in one school? With the help of an integrated system, administrative work to send learning outcomes reports to parents can be done with just a few clicks. Teachers and school management staff can use their valuable time to do other things simultaneously.

12. Personalisation of the System

If your school will have a unique program such as special classes, extra classes outside of school hours, and other activities. Then a customized school management system will be very helpful in meeting the needs of your school program.

13. Improving the Quality of Education Delivery (Scheduling Attendance)

Various facilities that support the teaching and learning process will also bring changes to the quality of education. Students, teachers, school staff, and parents can view the schedule in one software application.

attendance tracking software for school (

14. Amenity Management

Basic facilities that support learning activities such as classrooms, laboratories, teaching staff rooms, toilets, and gymnasiums, to small and large equipment such as paper, projectors, computers, lab equipment, various types of balls for sports classes, or even wifi networks require effort to can be well managed always to be available when needed. With the help of facility management software, you can monitor your needs and schedule maintenance automatically in one integrated system.

15. Acknowledging the Role of Parents

School management systems provide information that is accessible to students, teachers, school staff, and parents. Including syllabus information, subject matter, student activity, and assessment. Parents can monitor what their children are interested in and need to develop again. This information is very important so that parents know about their child’s development at school.

16. Reporting and Analytics

The main reason for implementing a school management system is that all parties involved in school activities can easily get reports and analyses to get maximum results.

17. Multi-School Management

If you are an educational organization with various types of schools, such as elementary, middle, and high school universities or schools located in many different locations, school management system software can help you in daily operational school management activities.

singapore school system (


The school management system is important because it streamlines school administration with its robust features.

school management software (

If you are still looking for a system that can fit your school’s operations well, you can get a free demo of the best school ERP system from HashMicro to see how our system works.

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