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The Importance of a Psychological Test in Recruitment Process

For those of you who have followed a recruitment process might be familiar with psychological tests. Nowadays, the psychological test has become one of the essential stages in recruitment process. But, why has the psychological test become important in recruitment process? This is because a company must know the quality of its applicants. This article will explain the psychological test and tips in dealing with psychological tests.

Psychological Test

What is Psychological Test?

Psychological Test
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In general, a psychological test is a test conducted by psychologists to find out someone’s personality. This test can be written, verbal, or visual. A psychological test can be done for individual or organizations needs.

The Purpose of Psychological Test

psychological test
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There are several purposes of psychological tests. To begin with, the psychological test aims to determine how many Intelligence Quotients (IQ) scores a person has. The amount of IQ score is used to determine a person’s intelligence level. Furthermore, a person’s characteristics can be seen from this test. The psychological tests can also find out a person’s mental health condition. Last but not least, this test is essential in recruitment process for finding out the quality of the applicants.

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Types of a Psychological Test

psychological test
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There are several psychological tests, such as verbal psychological tests to Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) test. These are the explanation of psychological tests:

Wartegg test

Ehrig Wartegg and Marian Kinget developed this test. Wartegg’s test aims to recognize someone’s characteristics from emotional aspect to imagination aspect. In this test, the participant is provided with eight boxes that consist of an object like a dot or square. Furthermore, the participant must continue to draw the object given and make it a perfect object. This test lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Arithmetic logical test

The participant will be given a row of numbers. Furthermore, the participant is required to understand the row of numbers pattern. The pattern can be multiplication, division, to fractions of a number. as a result the arithmetic logical reasoning test aims to measure the analytical abilities of a person in understanding certain things.

Psychological picture test

This test aims to recognize the logical and reasoning abilities of a person. The participant will be given a row of pictures. Therefore, the participant must understand the row of pictures pattern.

Verbal abilities psychological test

This type of test helps measure a person’s language proficiency, both verbal or written. The test consists of several subtests such as synonyms, antonyms, random words, and analogy.

Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) test

The Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) test aims to recognize and measure the person’s unique personality. The participant will get a question consisting of two choices or options. Then, the participant must decide which option represents them. It would be best if you answered all the question.

Drawing test

The participants in this test will get a paper. Later, the participants must draw a tree on the paper freely. But, the participant is not allowed to draw small plants and coconut trees. This type of test aims to measure the personality and characteristics of the participant.

Kraepelin test

The newspaper test becomes another name for this test. This test aims to recognize the characteristics and performance of the participant. There are several aspects in this test, such as adjustment to the tenacity aspect. Participants in this test need to sum a row of a number arranged vertically from 0-9.

Tips in Dealing with a Psychological Test

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In facing the psychological test, the participant must know and prepare several things. Here are some tips that can help you as the test participant to deal with this test.

Observe the psychological test question

Before starting the test, make sure to look at the question first. The participants need to be able to recognize the test questions. This will help the participant in doing the test.


Every type of test in psychological tests certainly has a working time. The participant has to do the test quickly and precisely. It would be best if the participant stayed calm while doing the test. However, the time of the test is short.

Accuracy is key!

Accuracy is essential in doing the test. This test will describe the participant’s personality. So, be sure to be careful in working on this test. Follow the procedures of each test correctly.

Elimination method

Do the elimination method when facing the difficult question. This method is possible for the participant in getting the most reasonable answers by eliminating the unreasonable answers first. Furthermore It is essential to use your thinking skills in using this method.

Careful in reading the questions

The participant has to read every question in this test carefully. This makes it easier for the participant to answer the question. Don’t be in a rush so that you can understand the meaning of each question. If you still don’t understand the question, try to re-read the question slowly.

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Psychological tests are an important stage in recruitment process. Through this test, the recruiter can know the characteristics and work performance of the applicant. Characteristic and work performance of staff will lead to the company’s success. HashMicro as a leading ERP Software vendor in Singapore provides convenience for your company in increasing the staff performance and competency using Competency Management System that supported by top features. Contact us to get the best offer and a free demo.

Psychological Test

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