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10 Easy Steps to Grow Your Retail Business – Part 2

When starting a retail business, many entrepreneurs dreamed of raking profits within months, or even weeks. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs with such dream often end up disappointed.

There is no short cut to success in the retail business. Everything must be done through hard work and a lot of patience. Even though, no one can guarantee that you will definitely be successful in this line of business.

Besides hard work, successful retail entrepreneurs always prioritize strategies before running their business. We have discussed five strategies in the previous article, now we will discuss five other strategies.

Train your employees

Hiring employees from competitors with a myriad of experiences is the method done by many retail companies. But more often than not, the employee is having difficulties adjusting to his/her new work environment.

This happens because the ‘best’ work method to that employee is not necessarily what is ‘best’ in your company. Therefore, the best way is to train your employees until they’re getting better at their job.

This strategy seems to be time-consuming at first, but this the best investment for your business. It’s cheap, and training your employees can also increase your employee loyalty to the company, and ends up growing your own company.

Offer the best products

If you getting loyal customers who are willing to pay whatever price you offer, then you need to offer them the best product you have. They don’t need alternative products, which are cheaper but with lower quality.

Therefore, choose the best line of products and place them in a place that is visible to your visitors. This will make your retail business get a special place in the hearts of your loyal customers better than your competitors.

Create a seasonal marketing plan

At certain moments we can find the demand for a product increased dramatically. For example in the Ramadan season, where sales figures for various types of clothing store skyrocketing. You can use this moment to boost your sales figures.

Not only in the clothing store, but this strategy can also be applied to various other lines of business, such as service companies. With a targeted marketing plan, it is possible that your sales figures will be higher than usual.

Engage your customers

Until now, what do you usually do when a customer comes into your store? Greet them? Ask what are they’re looking for? Is that all? Then don’t be surprised if the customer won’t come to your shop anymore, because the service you provide doesn’t leave any impression at all.

One way to give a strong impression to customers is by engaging your customer. Establish good communication, not just talking. Ask what they like, and providing recommendations that are in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

Invite them to come again

After being greeted cordially when entering the store, being served well during shopping, the last step you must do to leave a deep impression on your customers is by inviting them to come back to your shop later on.

Saying thanks with a smile is common. But you can do better than that. Thank them for their purchases and invite them to your shop again in the future. Friendly, engaging and memorable.


The ten strategies above are very effective for a retail business, or for those who want to grow their business. Do it now, and do it with discipline. See the results that shortly afterwards.

For other tips and tricks about developing a retail business, you can read our other articles by clicking the following link.

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