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Attendance: Absence Resulting in Sanctions

Attendance is one of the proofs of employee presence that the company will include in the company report. These days, every company has a presence system that must be filled by employees or workers. The goal is for them to be able to track the attendance and performance of each of their workers with a timesheet management system.

For those of you who don’t know that when an employee doesn’t fill in attendance, they can receive sanctions from the leadership, such as warning letters to pay cuts.

Therefore, so that your company can control the presence of workers, this time we will explain everything you need to know about the present system in the workplace. 


What is an Attendance System?

Before going into a further explanation, you need to first know the meaning of the present system. In short, the attendance system is a system that your company can use to manage employee attendance.

Approximately, why a company needs to implement a presence system? This is done so that companies can track employee productivity based on attendance using competency management systems.

By looking at the percentage of worker presence, companies can assess whether there is an increase or even a decrease in their productivity.

This is very important because the company’s business development itself is very dependent on the level of worker productivity, one of which is the presence of employees.

Worker productivity is also be determine from how they handle their projects. To manage projects efficiently, process all progress, and absorb the budget optimally to make sure that the project is completed as planned, ERP System for Project-based Industry is the right system they might need.

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Why is Attendance Important?

  • To record employee attendance

The presence of your company’s employees must be recorded every day. This employee’s presence data might be useful for your company as a basis for various purposes, for example, to pay employees’ salaries or increases in their salaries.

  • To calculate the salary of workers

Apart from the monthly basic salary, workers also have a nominal daily wage which they get from the total basic salary divided by the number of working days in a month.

Therefore the company’s Human Resources require the number of employee attendance so they can calculate the number of wages they have to pay to workers in that month. 

The company will make a salary reduction based on how many workers/employees do not present without any pieces of information as will be listed on the following salary slip/paycheck.

  • View remaining employee leave

From the attendance data held by Human Resources, they can also see which workers have taken leave for the month. So, they also know the remaining leave of each employee.

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  • Administrative records become neater

By recording databases and coupled with using a presence system online, it will support your company’s HR to do various things more effectively, such as calculating salaries, leave, employee bonuses, and so forth.

  • Avoid cheating

It is not uncommon for employees to cheat by manipulating their attendance data. One of the most common ways to do this is to ask the other employee to help them with the present system.

Therefore, by implementing a good attendance system, companies can minimize this and make employees more disciplined.

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Types of Attendance

Companies must have a good attendance system to manage employee’s presence appropriately to increase their productivity. Then, what are the types of attendance systems that exist? Let’s take a closer look at

Fingerprint system

For the first time, we will discuss more the fingerprint presence system. This system is probably one of the most common attendance systems companies use. The way it works is fairly simple. Data collection to identify and verify employee data is by using their fingerprint data. 

Everyone certainly has a different fingerprint, therefore the fingerprint machine can find out who is sticking his finger. Thus, the fingerprint system can minimize fraud because it is difficult for employees to “entrust” their presence to other people.

They had to stick their fingers together so the system could record their attendance . Later in the countdown payroll, HR will download employee attendance data manually for their data in calculating employee salaries for the month.

Card system

Each employee must have an identity card or ID card from his office. In addition to being an identification card, the card is usually a tool to record employee’s presence. 

The way it works is also very easy because employees must always put their ID cards on them when they go to work.

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Password system

Presence The third is to use a password in which employees each have a different password. This system may not be as popular as the previous two attendance systems.

The method is also easy, workers only need to enter the password they already have every time they come to the office. Again, there is something you should pay attention to because this system has the same weakness.

As the card system, namely that employees can also entrust their presence to their co-workers by providing passwords and it is possible for employees to forget passwords there.

Online presence system

The last type of system is an online presence. This system store the employee attendance data in a cloud-based database. The advantage is that companies no longer need to have a hardware infrastructure to store attendance data.

An example of an online presence system provider with a system HRM HashMicro. With Software Business Management that can help manage daily business operations and maintain the productivity of your company’s employees anywhere.

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Presence Online will not be optimal if it does not have the ease of using it. As a solution to the problem of managing your employees’ attendance data, HashMicro could be an option to help your company and your Human Resources.

HashMicro offers a system that can help administering your employees. make it easier to calculate salaries, managing the leave, managing attendance lists, managing reimbursement processes, and simplify other operational activities.

HRM offers an Attendance System that runs completely online. One of the excellent features that can be used to answer these problems is Attendance Management. The Attendance Management feature can track employee’s presence and record data from the attendance machine automatically. If you are interested in exploring more about Other HashMicro features, you can try the HashMicro demo for free by registering yourself here. Switch to HashMicro now!


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