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5 Advantages of Cloud CRM for your Business

As the business grows, the number of customers and contacts to track also increases. A cloud-based CRM system is one of the tools that has an important role. The way you manage customer data has an influence in increasing sales. In order to provide customers with a personalized experience companies are now looking to integrate technologies and platforms with their customer data. If your company has not yet switched to a cloud CRM, you can hamper your sales team and slow down your business.

Benefits of Cloud CRM

Even if Cloud CRM is invisible, the benefits it provides will be tangible. Companies can function better with the help of cloud CRM. For example, many sales teams rely on CRM systems to streamline their workflows, including cold email, managing their contact lists, tracking sales activity and opportunities, and optimizing their sales processes.

A sales team manager will find it challenging to monitor the performance of each sales staff if it is still managed manually. A CRM system will help the manager to watch his team’s performance without having to ask his staff directly. Reduce human error by automating data input from emails, WhatsApp chats, or phone calls to the CRM system. Get complete information about prospects, such as pages visited on the website, meeting schedules, and more.

If appropriately managed, customer data can provide a lot of insight that benefits the company. Not only transaction data but customer preferences can also be recorded using a reliable CRM system. Armed with this data, companies can hold targeted promotions according to what customers want. HashMicro’s CRM system helps you create a connection between your company and customers through a fast, effective and personalized sales process.

Advantages of Cloud CRM

1. Easy installation process

Modern Cloud-based CRM implementations don’t require complex processes, nor do you have to pay for hardware, server, and software maintenance.

2. Easy access

Have you ever been out of the office but had to send a sales proposal or quickly find client data? Cloud CRM gives employees the ability to access the system from anywhere in the office or working remotely, as long as there is an internet connection. Unlimited accessibility is by far the most significant benefit of CRM in the Cloud. Very useful for any modern business. By always staying connected to a central database the Cloud CRM gives the flexibility and freedom to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

3. Affordable products

Another benefit is that this business-enhancing product will certainly not drain your pocket. No business likes to allocate large sums of money for one-time purchases, and smaller regular instalments are usually preferred.

Typically Cloud CRM operates on a pay-as-you-go subscription model, which requires minimal initial investment then leads to risk reduction. Therefore, there are no hidden costs like buying additional hardware or licensing fees.

4. High level of security

A grave concern for any business that uses a web-based information storage system, of course, is security. It is not surprising that the level of information security in cloud service companies is much higher than that provided by the average local IT space. The Cloud CRM provider also offers advanced automated backup policies and has a clear data recovery plan for a breach. However, individual users of the Cloud service can further enhance their data security by using two-step authentication and strong passwords.

5. Reliable operation

No one wants to imagine the possibility that the systems you rely on every day could crash, leaving you with a potential financial crisis.

With Cloud CRM, such a situation seldom occurs, as all Cloud parts are backed up. However, this means that each component, for example, has multiple replicas in the Cloud.

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6. Flexible

What could be better than having a product tailored to your needs? When adopting a CRM system, most businesses tend to start with only the features that can help them in their current job and relevant to their unique needs. Here are some examples of commonly used parts:

  • Real-time lead management

Helps manage large amounts of customer data without restrictions and additional costs and increases prospect close-deal opportunities and business profitability.

  • Profit projection is more accurate

Businesses can make accurate and realistic sales target projections for sales and marketing departments.

  • Sales team activity recording

Function to record every phone call, email, contract delivery, and meeting to optimize customer service.

  • Sales team management

Track the sales process carried out by each salesperson and monitor sales targets’ achievement anytime and anywhere.

  • Email marketing management and sales pipeline

Create and send marketing emails relevant to client preferences in minutes. Monitor the progress of prospects from one stage to another with the easy-to-customize drag & drop feature However, as the business grows the company may decide the needs, for example, more capacity, new features, or more advanced modules. In this case, the Cloud-based CRM can be instantly updated to meet your unique needs.


Cloud solutions enable enterprises to provide an excellent customer experience. Cloud-based CRM helps centralize your customer database, automate critical processes giving you instant access to real-time insights and a comprehensive view of your interactions with customers, and offer multiple integration options. By choosing a qualified cloud-based CRM service provider link, you can ensure a flexible cloud solution tailored to your needs and grows as your business grows.

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