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5 Benefits of CRM System for Hotels That You Must Know

The perseverance of the hospitality industry depends on how exquisite the service delivered to the guests. But, how do we track the success of meeting all their needs? Well, if you use the conventional way of managing guests, there is no way you can get any useful insights. It’s the time to shift to CRM Software that helps you connect to your guests and prospective customers easily. Here are the 5 key benefits of a CRM system for hotels!

Enhance customer loyalty

A CRM system records all guests’ transactions with their behavioral information in every corner of your hotel. So, you can make a profile of your guest with specific and detailed information. It includes their demography, preferences, market sources, locations that they visit, even their favorite restaurants or room fragrance. With this data, you can provide them a personalized experience that will increase their loyalty and retention. 

A CRM System for hotels allows the management to increase the revenue by making adjustments. It can be in your services, comfort, pricing, service quality, and more. 

Learning your guests’ best interest

A CRM system does not only keep guests’ consumption while they are staying in your room but also their transactions in other areas of the hotel. Transactions in restaurants, bars, spas, golf courses, gift shops, and travels are valuable insights for the management. 

You can determine how potential a guest is. The higher their transaction is, the more valuable they are. Then, from that data, you can zoom out the insights to see from which category the guests come from to identify and acquire guests-alike.

Manage your marketing effectively

You can use guests’ purchase patterns data to arrange interest-based marketing strategies as well. Combine data segmentation with the analysis of booking orders in a certain period, based on dates, seasons, or other for a better insight. The system will recommend the best price that will attract many guests. 

So, instead of sending monthly newsletters to all of your contacts, it’s better for you to start working on specific and personalized marketing strategies. It means that you will send the right message, at the right time, to the right recipients, through the right platform, with the right pricing. Therefore, you can minimize your marketing costs with a higher conversion rate. 

Forecast demand

One of the ways to maximize your resorts or hotel revenue is by increasing the accuracy of the demand forecast, both for room services or non-room services. But, your profit does not only come from the amount statement but it also should be combined with the analysis of guests segmentation and their profitability. 

A CRM system enables you to estimate the sales by using historical data and future data that you can access in real-time. Therefore, you can review and make some adjustments to your inventory during the hotel’s peak time and increase your revenue by increasing the rate per room and customers. 

Automates communication

A good CRM System helps the hotel by automating the communication with the guests. It contributes to guests’ satisfaction in your services. The system is capable of sending a reminder on their booking date. Therefore, they know that the hotel that they’re about to stay in is ready to welcome them. 

Moreover, you can also send automated thank you emails after they check out. Or, you can send them emails about offers or promotions in your hotel easily and, of course, personalized. 

In short, the benefits of a CRM system for hotels comprise the ease to communicate, track sales, and promote your hotel. This system allows you to personalize your service to enhance your customer satisfaction. With CRM too you can stay competitive while making a progressive growth in your revenue by managing data comprehensively. 

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