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      15 Best CRM Software for Singaporean Businesses in 2024

      What potential setbacks might your business face if you delay taking action and don’t jump on the right CRM software?

      Imagine your business soaring beyond customer expectations, sales hitting new highs, and growth hitting unprecedented levels.

      In Singapore’s cutthroat business scene, managing customer relationships is key.

      Now, picture a powerful tool that fine-tunes your understanding of customers, streamlines communication, and drives business growth – that’s what a Customer Relationship Management, or CRM software, does.

      Together, let’s dive into some top-notch CRM options, hunting for the perfect customizable application to fuel your company’s triumphs. From small setups to big corps, let’s spot the ideal fit for you.

      Key Takeaways

      • CRM software is a lifeline for customer relations and sales boost.
      • Picking the right CRM means setting goals, matching your business scale, and thinking integration.
      • In Singapore, the big guns in CRM include HashMicro, Koneksi, and TotalERP.
      • Choosing the right CRM sparks business efficiency and keeps clients happy.

      Table of Content:

        Now that you’ve got the knack of choosing the right system, you’re likely aware of what to consider when selecting one.
        However, in today’s market, there’s a swarm of systems, each with its standout features. Therefore, here are the best CRM application vendors in Singapore for your business:

        HashMicro CRM Software

        crm system singapore

        HashMicro CRM is a robust solution, that manages customer relations and supercharging business performance.

        Features like Sales Pipeline Management, Revenue Forecasting, and Sales Report Generation make HashMicro a sales activity maestro, predicting revenue for your business.

        HashMicro is a top ERP developer, offering modules from accounting to inventory, serving over 1750 clients in Southeast Asia, including Singapore.

        Check their pricing below.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        HashMicro’s system versatility and module variety have crowned it one of Southeast Asia’s ERP kings, supporting different industries.

        Implementing HashMicro spells benefits: unlimited users for business growth and fixed pricing, a sweet spot for medium to large firms.

        Plus, it’s stacked with various automation features, catering to your business flow and boosting operational prowess.

        Advantages Disadvantages


        Mobile accessibility

        Integration options

        Unlimited users

        Fixed pricing

        × Not SME-friendly, due to their less complex needs

        HashMicro suits varied industries, making business processes leaner, client relations stronger, and industries more triumphant.

        Microsoft Dynamics

        crm system singapore

        Microsoft Dynamics, a Windows-based solution, shines in project management, a favorite for sectors needing customer, accounting, and project finesse like governments or professional services.

        Its toolkit covers document automation, sales assignments, personalized customer interactions, automated productivity, and slick service tracking.

        This system adapts to multiple industries, leveraging its functionalities to match business needs.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Flexible customization

        Syncs with Microsoft products

        Strong mobile capability

        Potent analytics

        × High initial implementation price

        × Complex UI with excessive changes

        × Requires strong IT resources

        × Not small businesses-friendly

        × Challenging for activities other than project management

        Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible platform adaptable to various industries. The success of using this CRM depends on how companies can adapt its features and functions to suit their business needs.

        SAP CRM Application

        software recommendation SAP CRM, originating from Germany, offers a CRM application primarily focused on supporting marketing activities. It thrives on data analysis, digital marketing, customer segments, omnichannel campaigns, loyalty, and resource prowess.

        While it clicks with other apps, it stumbles on user-friendliness and costs, demanding capable IT teams and higher cost.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Syncs with other SAP solutions

        Deep analytics

        Customer interaction tracking capability

        Strong CRM

        × Not user-friendly

        × Rigid setup

        × Pricey system

        × Steep learning

        × Long implementation time

        × Requires robust IT resources

        SAP CRM is usable across various industries that have a need to manage customer relationships and sales processes. The success of implementing SAP CRM depends on a company’s ability to adapt CRM features and functions according to their business demands.

        TotalERP CRM System

        crm system singapore This system offers various features for managing customer relationships, including tracking, analysis, and sales automation. TotalERP’s system can integrate customer, sales, and service data into one platform, enabling medium-sized companies, particularly, to efficiently track and manage customer interactions.

        However, this CRM system has a complex user interface that might pose challenges for users in accessing and leveraging the various offered features. Additionally, in some cases, integration with other systems might be complicated.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Sales task automation

        Unified data hub

        Customer data tracking feature

        × Not suitable for small businesses with simple needs

        TotalERP caters to medium-sized firms’ needs in e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, or finance, diving deep into customer interaction.

        Salesforce CRM Software

        software recommendation Salesforce’s CRM software offers seamless integration with other applications. It features customer management, marketing automation, and robust analytics to optimize customer experience.

        However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The cost can be high, especially for small businesses, and the platform has a steep learning curve for inexperienced users. Additionally, fully leveraging Salesforce requires intensive training and meticulous implementation planning.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Syncs other systems

        Powerful data analytics

        × Expensive

        × Not user-friendly

        Salesforce’s system is suitable for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and finance.

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        crm system singapore Koneksi presents itself as a system that provides a comprehensive solution to ease marketing and customer management for businesses, particularly SMEs and small enterprises. This system allows for customer data tracking, improving customer loyalty, and easily identifying sales stages.

        You can also measure conversion rates, devise effective marketing strategies, and broaden your market reach through WhatsApp messages and emails. Moreover, Koneksi facilitates managing marketing processes from start to finish, providing accurate reports and mobile access for easier data management.

        With its CRM integration, maximizing lead conversions while managing accounting, procurement, and business inventory becomes straightforward. Even moreso with its features, like WhatsApp Channel Management, which monitors and facilitates communication between your sales team and prospects or clients.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Streamlined marketing

        Enhanced and easier data management

        Easy sales team communication with prospects or clients

        × Requires time and resources for the team learning curve

        × Too many complex features

        Koneksi offers intelligent solutions usable by Singaporean SMEs and small companies across various industries like retail, hospitality services, manufacturing, healthcare industry, and more.


        software recommendation Zoho’s CRM system is a popular solution for customer relationship management with several robust features such as contact tracking, sales, and easy integration with other applications.

        However, businesses should note that this system comes with a subscription cost that might increase due to additional features. In addition, because of its complexity, extra training costs might be incurred.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Many features × Pricey

        × Requires extensive training to navigate the complex system

        Zoho CRM system can be utilized across industries like retail, banking and finance, and manufacturing.

        Pipedrive CRM Software

        crm system singapore Pipedrive’s system features mapping reports, tracking prospects, and reporting comprehensive sales data.

        However, this system lacks depth in customer interaction tracking or inventory management. Moreover, the per-user subscription cost can be pricey for growing businesses requiring increased user access to the platform.

        Furthermore, syncing with third-party applications might require additional technical skills.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        User-friendly reporting features

        Enhanced data analytics

        × Features are generic and less comprehensive

        × More expensive cost for additional features

        This CRM system can be used across industries such as sales, marketing, services sectors, and manufacturing.


        crm system singapore HubSpot’s system has a user-friendly interface, good data integration, email tracking, customer activity monitoring, and marketing automation, this system is highly sought after by companies.

        However, this ease of use comes at a high cost, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, the features in HubSpot’s system are still quite generic, requiring extra costs for advanced features. It’s important to note that this system might not be suitable if you want to track and view your sales activities.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Friendly UI

        Automatic email tracking

        Customer activities tracking capability

        × Features are generic and not that complex

        × Additional prices for extra features

        This system can be used across industries like finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, and more.

        Freshsales CRM Application

        software recommendation Freshsales CRM system is a powerful tool for managing customer relationships, offering robust prospect tracking and data analysis, simplifying sales processes and automating tasks.

        However, it lacks seamless integration with other systems, potentially leading to difficulties in transferring data between platforms. Additionally, the high cost of the system can pose challenges for small companies. Customers needing additional features may be charged with extra costs.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        User-friendly interface

        Sales automation

        Strong data insights

        × Features are generic and not comprehensive

        × Limited system integration

        × Extra costs for extra features

        This system can be used across industries like e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

        Oracle Siebel

        software recommendation Oracle Siebel is resourceful marketing resource management software useful for aiding in sales and marketing management. With this software, you have the capability to predict sales, track daily tasks, and foster partnerships.

        Your sales team can easily track appointments and daily tasks, fostering strong relationships with partners, resellers, agents, and brokers. Moreover, your company supervisors can smoothly plan, execute, and manage marketing programs across various channels.

        This CRM solution from Oracle Siebel can help keep your business competitive. With features supporting analysis and transactions, you can manage every aspect of customer service more efficiently.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Ease managing business sales and marketing

        Enables planning, executing, and managing marketing programs across multiple channels

        Strong analytics

        × Steep learning

        × Not SMB-friendly

        × Complex and outdated UI

        Oracle Siebel software works for various sectors such as finance, utilities, manufacturing, and transportation.


        crm system singapore Keap is a CRM system vendor, offering support for businesses to increase prospects via email and SMS campaigns. With the Keap CRM application, you can easily monitor all customer interactions while collaborating with your business.

        Additionally, Keap CRM can seamlessly move potential consumers through various steps in the business process, visible in its sales pipeline dashboard.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Marketing automation

        Efficient lead management

        Personalized content

        Good reporting features

        Syncs with other applications

        × Relatively expensive for SMBs

        × Limited scalability

        × Requires training

        × Limited customer support

        Keap aids in managing prospects, communications, and various business tasks. Therefore, Keap CRM can be used across most industries.

        Sugar CRM

        crm system singapore Sugar CRM is a suitable CRM application for serving customers through contact management, lead management, desktop integration, customer support portal, and business activity reporting features. Its interface is easily customizable, and the system also provides training and customer support.

        Although, some functions still require improvement, and integration with other channels is considered complex. This application is more focused on customer service. Even so, Sugar CRM has become the choice of companies from various CRM systems to enhance their business performance due to the flexibility and support they offer.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Customizable UI

        Provides training and customer support

        × Complex integration with other channels

        × Less suitable for other needs than customer service

        Sugar CRM can be implemented in companies across various industries such as manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, and more.


        crm system singapore EngageBay is a cloud-based CRM application that helps build strong customer relationships and recognizes their loyalty. With this, you can manage customer activities including sales, presentations, closures, and offer automated responses to customer interactions.

        The software has essential features such as tracking business activities, monitoring ROI, scheduling responses, and automatic assignments. However, it lacks additional features like Google Meet and event calendars. Additionally, its customer support services are limited to technical issues. The EngageBay CRM system is focused on customer service.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Flexible cloud-based system

        Customer activities tracker

        × Lacks additional features

        × Limited customer support

        Given the flexibility of the EngageBay CRM system, it suits small to medium-sized businesses of various company sizes.


        crm system singapore Apptivo, a cloud-based CRM solution for sales, is created for managing customer connections suitable for businesses of all sizes. The application can automatically collect and process data, simplifying business tasks. In addition to integration with Google and Gmail, Apptivo supports email integration with other applications.

        Apptivo CRM manages business tasks such as invoicing and customer support. Its features include individual use, lead collection, business opportunity identification, sales process tracking, and simple repetitive task automation. Unfortunately, Apptivo has inadequate customer support and limitations in customizing features.

        Advantages Disadvantages
        Integration with Google and email applications

        Manages various business tasks

        × Inadequate customer support

        × Limitations in features customization according to business needs

        The Apptivo CRM application can generally be used for businesses of various sizes like hospitality, retail, and real estate.

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        7 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM Software for Your Business

        Selecting the right CRM is vital for customer relations and efficiency. Here’s the lowdown on choosing CRM in Singapore:

        1. Set Clear Business Goals and Needs
        Pinpoint goals—sales boost, service improvement, or customer loyalty—then match them with the CRM’s features.
        2. Scale Smartly to Fit Your Business
        Size matters; choose a CRM suiting team size, customers, and reach. Some fit snug for small setups, while others are heavy-duty for larger corps.
        3. Evaluate and Check Key Features
        Ensure that it covers the sales journey for your business, from leads to customer care, managing teams all the way.
        4. Consider User-Friendliness for User Experience

        A user-friendly interface makes the ride smoother, even for non-techies. Look for training options and resources too.

        5. Integration
        A well-integrated CRM avoids data chaos and boosts efficiency. Ensure it plays nicely with your existing systems.
        6. Customer Support
        Prompt and reliable customer support is gold, especially when things go awry.
        7. Cost Calculation

        Look past the price tag; consider training, customizations, and long-term expenses.

        Picking the Right CRM Software for Your Business

        The right CRM intertwines seamlessly with systems, simplifying customer management and sales tracking. That’s why choosing software should match your business needs.

        Among these top recommendations, HashMicro stands tall. With stellar features and budget-friendly options, HashMicro’s CRM system can drive customer management, sales, and overall business success.

        If CRM’s in your sights for business growth, hit up our sales squad for a chat and a free demo. Or simply click the image below.


        Frequently Asked Questions About CRM Software

        • Who needs to implement CRM applications in a company?

          CRM benefits various departments—managers, sales, marketing, recruitment, customer service, and all staff. It streamlines communication, automates tasks, and tracks KPIs.

        • What are the steps in the CRM implementation process?

          It’s a journey—grabbing new clients, upping their value, retaining them, nurturing loyalty, and making the sale.

        • What’s the relationship between CRM and consumers?

          CRM organizes interactions, manages communication, and dishes out timely services. It offers deals, loyalty programs, and quick customer support.

        • How can CRM applications help companies improve customer satisfaction?

          It feeds on customer info, amping up sales and adding value, aiming for more profits.

        • Why is CRM so integral in marketing?

          It dishes customer insights, timing product launches based on buying trends.

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