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Pricing Management System Strategy to Transform Your Business

Like writing a good song, creating an effective pricing strategy that fits your business requires trial and error. You must find the best pricing management strategy because your business can be affected by how you establish your prices. Eventually, using a pricing management system will enhance the impact of price on profit, sales, business position, market share, and competition.

Price is crucial because it shows the value that your products hold for both you and your customers. It serves as a concrete pricing point because customers can decide if an item is worth their time and investment. From your product development to your ads, pricing generally reflects everything you do as a business.



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Types of Pricing Management System

Price management is the act of creating, setting, and managing pricing within a business across a variety of price modes. Making the right pricing decision can significantly affect your organization. In addition, if you price it correctly, you can increase your revenue and draw in new clients. Moreover, if you overcharge, you run the danger of losing out on hard-earned sales or significant profits. You may be having a difficult time managing the pricing of your business. Here are five types that you can consider:

Penetration pricing

As its name suggests, penetration pricing is a way for businesses to enter a new market, and with the right penetration, you can even capture market share. Penetration pricing often involves setting a significantly lower price than competitors to generate initial sales and jumpstart revenue.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing involves adjusting prices in real-time based on market demand, seasonality, or other factors. This price technique is used most frequently when the product in question fluctuates regularly or even hourly. So, industries like hotels, airlines, or event venues can apply this pricing management system to maximize their profits.

Freemium pricing

Freemium pricing provides a free basic version of a product or service, with the choice to upgrade to a paid or premium version for more features and functionality. This could make potential customers try the product or service you provided and gain initial insight, especially for software businesses.

Bundle pricing

With bundle pricing, a customer can get two or more similar products or services for the price of one. You can utilize this strategy to upsell additional products so that customers could get more value out of their purchases. Bundle pricing works best for retailers, and restaurants.

Loss-leader pricing

Loss-leader pricing is a marketing technique that lowers product prices more than what it costs to create them in order to draw in new customers or encourage existing ones to buy more things. The idea is that they may purchase other full-price items, which could theoretically offset the loss from the lower-priced products.

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download skema harga software erp

Importance of Pricing Management System

A pricing management system is a software solution that helps businesses manage their pricing strategies and optimize pricing processes for maximum profitability. Moreover, the pricing management system is usually integrated with a company’s CRM system and uses data analytics to analyze customer behavior, market trends, and other factors that impact pricing decisions.

A pricing management system is essential for businesses that involve setting prices for products or services. It also involves determining the right price to charge customers and managing pricing to ensure that it remains competitive and profitable over time. Furthermore, by using a pricing management system, a company can easily maximize revenue, maintain competitiveness, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best Pricing Management Strategy

Price management system softrware (

The best pricing management strategy for any business is one that takes into account both customer’s needs and the company’s financial goals. A successful strategy should maximize profits while maintaining customer satisfaction, which can be achieved by implementing Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software in your company’s system.

CRM software helps companies to understand their customer better by collecting and analyzing customer data, including purchasing history, preferences, and feedback. Moreover, this information can be used to create a pricing management system that helps to target pricing strategies that meet the needs of different customer segments.

In addition to these pricing management techniques, CRM software can also help businesses to implement loyalty programs that reward repeat customers and incentivize them to purchase more frequently. By tracking customer behavior, businesses can also identify their most valuable customers and offer them exclusive discounts and promotions. HashMicro offers this convenience all within one pricing management system, which can be found in HashMicro CRM-Leads.

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Pricing Management System from HashMicro


Pricing management system by CRM leads (

HashMicro offers businesses the convenience of constructing a pricing management system with CRM-leads management software. Additionally, automated reports help maximize profits, identify leads, and provide valuable insights into customer behavior for improved relations. To learn more, here are six main features of HashMicro’s CRM price management system that you should know:

Sales pipeline management

This process involves tracking and managing the progression of potential customers through the different stages of the sales process, from initial lead generation to closing the deal. Moreover, with HashMicro CRM you can customize your sales pipeline according to your preferences.

Sales team management

With the help of sales team management, you can easily keep track of sales progress and how each salesperson is doing. It can also be used to distribute the right tasks, get notified of your sales reps’ achievements, optimize their overall performance, and achieve sales goals.

Revenue forecasting

HashMicro CRM helps to provide businesses with accurate forecasts of expected revenue. With this, they can plan and make informed decisions about allocating resources, setting budgets, and making strategic investments. It also offers the seamless creation of lists in prioritized prospects.

Email marketing management

By using email marketing management features in HashMicroCRM software, you can create, customize and send relevant emails to segmented subscribers, customers, or leads. You can also track and measure the performance of your email campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, to gain valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not.

Call logging management

CRM software with call logging management features offers a powerful way to improve customer support and sales success. Additionally, HashMicro CRM logs every conversation with each prospect to help sales representatives better understand leads and optimize customer service.

Sales report generation

HashMicro CRM offers companies a powerful way to track and analyze sales performance by generating real-time sales reports, covering sales activities, team performance, profits, and losses. Therefore, automating sales reports in a pricing management system provides valuable insights for companies to identify areas for improvement.


Pricing management is a critical component of any successful business strategy. By implementing a pricing management system, businesses can optimize pricing strategy, improve profitability, and maintain market competitiveness. When businesses integrate a pricing management system with CRM software, they can benefit by aligning pricing strategies with customer data and improving customer relationships.


HashMicro’s pricing management system with CRM-leads management software, offers businesses a comprehensive solution for managing pricing and customer relationships. With lead ID, auto reporting, traceability, and easy setup, companies can optimize pricing strategies and improve customer engagement. Also, integrating pricing management with CRM allows for a data-driven approach to pricing and understanding customer behavior.

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