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7 Proven B2B Sales Strategies to Win More Deals

Successful B2B sales require specific approaches and skill sets. You must be more proactive without being pushy, but you still have to use customer-centric approaches. You must focus on providing the best customer service before and after sales. With the help of technology development, all businesses can run even smoother and faster. One of the finest technology developed is ERP software.

However, to maximize your B2B sales, you must carry out several strategies other than improving your customer service. You have to go beyond that. Also, with the help of technology, you can have an optimized strategy and boost your sales. To know more about it, check out the ERP pricing scheme

Getting to Know about B2B Sales

Business-to-business sales refers to the marketing effort that has a business as their target rather than a consumer. It takes place between companies that are typically found in the middle of the supply chain for any product or service that does not reach the average consumer. Mainly B2B focus on targeting the decision-maker of some business or company. Sometimes institutions such as schools, hospitals or governments also become the target of B2B business. In running B2B business, it is necessary to have the right strategies to make the sales become effective. Here are seven effective B2B sales strategies that you can implement.

1. Know Ideal Customers for Your B2B Sales

Before intensively carrying out your B2B sales strategies, you must first know who your leads are. Create a buyer persona, which is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. With the company specify the ideal customer persona, your sales team will be able to understand your leads more deeply, and this will make it easier for them to adjust and personalize their sales strategies.

Ask your sales reps to find out more about your leads to ensure that they really have the criteria to become your prospective customers. Make sure your sales reps go one step further by following your leads on social media and go through their websites before contacting them. You can also create a negative buyer persona, which is a representation of a customer whom you want to avoid (those who don’t have the budget), so that you and your sales reps can reduce futile sales efforts.

2. Familiarize Your Sales Reps with Your Prospect’s Business

When your sales reps are going to meet a qualified prospect, make sure they are familiar with the prospect’s business. Make sure they are equipped with knowledge of the prospect’s company as well as the industry. Understanding your prospect’s business will help your sales reps understand their requirements better. This will make it easier for them to provide the right solutions that meet the needs of your prospects.

3. Focus on Offering Your Business Results & Outcomes

Nowadays, selling products and services only is no longer an effective B2B sales strategy. You should offer your business results and outcomes instead. Your leads want to know what benefits they will get if they buy your products or services. Share your case studies with your leads. Sharing case studies is one of B2B sales tactics that has proven to be the most effective. Also, collect more testimonials from your existing customers to increase the prospect’s trust in your products or services.

4. Get Face to Face with Decision Makers

When scheduling a meeting with a prospect, make sure that you will meet a decision maker, not an employee. This will help you get a faster purchasing decision. You can also ask them directly about their requirements and preferences, so you can make adjustments to your products or services more quickly. Therefore, customer’s decision would be quickly made if you meet the right person in charge and then immediately adjust your product with their needs.

5. Optimize Your B2B Sales Strategies with CRM

Managing sales manually makes it difficult for you to monitor it. The old, manual method has also been increasingly abandoned by many B2B companies, because it is inefficient and slows down the sales process. Start switching to a CRM system that automates your sales. The CRM system makes it easy for you to manage sales pipelines, monitor lead statuses, identify qualified leads, and analyze the performance of your sales reps. This system also helps your sales and marketing teams to collaborate with each other and work more productively by using complete and centralized sales data.

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6. Focus More on High-Potential Leads of Your B2B Sales

Chasing every lead and expecting them to be your loyal customer will drain a lot of energy and costs. Instead of chasing every single one of them, it’s best to focus on high-potential ones. Focus your sales efforts on those who have the strong potential to become your customers, while you can still follow up with other prospects by phone or email. To work on that, EQUIP CRM system can help make it easier for you. It can help to identify high-potential prospects by providing complete information about them, including their company profiles, behavior, sales stages, and expected revenue from them.

7. Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

In addition to multiplying your prospects, you must also be able to build strong relationships with your existing customers. This will increase their loyalty so they will keep buying your products or services. You can improve your relationships with customers by not only being a seller or provider, but also a consultant to them. Providing them with special offers and rewards will work as well. Satisfied customers will be able to help refer your business to their business partners as well as enhance the reputation of your B2B company.


To increase B2B sales, businesses must implement multiple strategies in addition to enhancing customer experience. Learn the specific criteria of your prospective clients and ensure that your sales reps are ready with knowledge and details about the prospect’s business. You can also present business results, concentrate on generating more potential leads, and develop strong customer relationships.

The most important point is that you can always simplify your sales administration with a CRM system that facilitates efficient collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. Download the pricing scheme now and get a free demo also consultation with our business expert to fulfill your company’s needs.

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