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5 Effective Tips to Reduce Restaurant Cost

The restaurant business is known as one of business which has low profit. This frequently happens in casual dining and fast concept restaurants. Moreover, there are more issues which make this business hardly get profit like high rental cost, unpredictable supply price and the increasing of minimum wages.

In this climate, every single expense needs to be recalculated. Besides, other aspects like food ingredients, packaging process and timesheet and schedule management need to be analyzed more in order to maximize the income. Here are 5 effective tips to reduce restaurant cost.

Avoid the employee turnover and hire the right ones!

One of the reasons why every restaurateur experience the big loss is because there are too many employee turnovers. We know that employee turnover can increase the resource cost. Moreover, it takes times to proceed with the hiring process in order to get the perfect employees. That’s why, when you’re in the hiring process, make sure that you choose the right employees. Learn more about how to reduce employee turnover! By doing this the risk of loss will be reduced too. On the other hand, you will be able to reduce restaurant cost.

Reduce restaurant cost by using E-Menu

In this digital era, it’s time to use more sophisticated technology: using E-Menu, for instance. E-Menu will not only reduce the resource cost but also will have a good impact on the environment. Besides, E-Menu will record every single order automatically. This will not only streamline the ordering process but also fasten the payment process.

Do endorsement

Promote your business by creating an advertisement! However, again, in this digital era, you must consider the technology-related strategy. Find some social media influencers who have loads of followers. They will lead other customers to come to your restaurant easily. It is indeed sometimes expensive to pay the influencers, but it will help you to increase sales.

Manage the food waste

Managing food waste in a restaurant is one of the keys to reduce restaurant cost. There are many ways to manage food waste. One of the easiest ways is by implementing an inventory system. Inventory system can track the food label more deeply from checking the production dates, expired dates, serial number, batch and lot number and many more. By using it restaurant can also reduce the risk of food recalls.

Be wiser when choosing food

Buying the processed food like chicken that has been deboned will be more expensive. Therefore, it’s better to process your own food if you can in order to reduce restaurant cost. Also, consider more about the foods or supplies which only exist during the special seasons. Even in tropical countries, mangoes don’t bear fruit all year. You may need to import the fruit from other countries. But, it means the cost will be more expensive, won’t it? Try to sell you seasonal products during the right season. This will help you to reduce restaurant cost.

Do you want to evolve your restaurant business to the next level? Also, read 3 Ways Accounting Software Will Increase Restaurant Profit.

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