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How to Manage Timesheet for Restaurant Employees during Ramadan

One of the challenge that you will face as you start restaurant business in counties with majority Muslim population is Ramadan. It is true that managing timesheet for restaurant employee is sometimes quite complicated, especially during Ramadan. There are some concerns you need to aware of as you manage it. This is very important especially if you want to run the restaurant smoothly. How to manage timesheet for restaurant employees during Ramadan, then?

manage timesheet for restaurant employees

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Check the peak hours during Ramadan as you manage timesheet for restaurant employees

The peak hours during Ramadan may be different with other regular months. It may be less crowded during the day. However as it is close to break fasting time, your restaurant may be crowded. You may be surprised as you see how crowded it is during this eating time.

Before it happen, try to allocate your staff schedule. During this month you may consider to allocate your most staff during the break fasting time. This will be more efficient and effective.

Communicate and arrange the work hour and break wisely

How to Manage Timesheet for Restaurant Employees during Ramadan
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To manage timesheet for restaurant employees during Ramadan, you need to arrange an open discussion. Communicate and discuss about the schedule to determine when is the right time to open and close the restaurant, also when and how long the ‘lunch break’ will be. This is important to do as, most likely, your employees are moslem and they are also doing the fasting.

Communication is a key to have a great relationship with your employees. This will keep the work environment good and peaceful. Besides, this step is also important to respect your employees’ private life.

Arrange the Eid al-Fitr Leave

In majority muslim population countries, the government usually assigned Eid al-Fitr holidays and it may be vary in every countries. What you should do? Yes, follow the rule unless you want to keep your employee work illegally. However, some business like mass media or restaurant business usually don’t follow the rule because people like to read an up-to-date news and/or eat in the restaurant in Eid al-Fitr. We know it is a good deal, right?

However remember that you have taken or about to take their holiday rights. Therefore, before you do that, communicate it with your employee. Arrange the new holiday schedule for them to replace their holiday before or after Eid al-Fitr and manage timesheet for restaurant employees wisely.

Allocate your employee

Sometimes you don’t realize that you employ too many staff. It will not only impact the scheduling, but also the financial management. This will possibly happen in your restaurant business too.

To avoid these issues, try to consider how many employees you really need. You need to pay attention to their competency too so they will work based on their positions and roles. Then, you can manage timesheet for restaurant employees.

Manage timesheet for restaurant employees by using software

If you have done the four steps above, now it is time to write schedule. One of the easiest thing to do is by using software. A simple software like Microsoft Excel will help you to manage timesheet for restaurant employees. However, you may consider utilizing a specialized software to manage it in more detail, like using Timesheet Management System or HRM System.

This system can also be integrated with other system like Accounting to monitor the financial management in your restaurant, Inventory to track your restaurant stock or Competency Management System to identify your restaurant employee skill.

manage timesheet for restaurant employees

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