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5 Main Reasons Why a Coffee Shop Needs Restaurant POS

Did you know that eighty percent of coffee shop owners are forced to shut their business down within five years? Most of them stated that they can’t improve how they manage their coffee shop. They complained that they’re taking too much time to do redundant tasks such as bookkeeping, stock taking, and profit/loss checking on all of their business branch.

That doesn’t mean that those redundant tasks are not important. Far from it. But spending too much time on those tasks makes the business owners don’t have the time to provide the best services to the restaurant visitor or formulating the strategy to develop their business.

That’s why it’s important for a coffee shop to start using a restaurant POS. The software can help you automate redundant tasks, thus it will shorten the time to do those tasks. Moreover, there are other benefits you can get from using this software. Here are five of them:

Manage your coffee shop inventory in real-time

One of the most consuming time when running a coffee shop business is inventory checking. If out of stock occurrences happening quite often during business hours, it indicates that you have a serious problem within your inventory. You’ll risk losing a customer from time to time if this keeps happening.

With restaurant POS, any ingredients taken from the inventory to make a cup of coffee or a sandwich will be recorded automatically in the system. The system will deduct how much ingredients used based on the menu ordered by your customer. This will remove your worry of running out of ingredients and you will be able to fulfill any kind of order from your customer.

Profit/loss checking will be easier

Most coffee shop owners usually complaining about how hard it is to check whether their branch is enjoying profits or the other way around. If this task is still done manually, then the coffee shop owner has to contact each branch manager one by one.

But with restaurant POS, compiling reports from your branch managers can be done anywhere and anytime. The sales report will be saved automatically in the cloud server. As the coffee shop owner, you can access those reports without having to contact your branch managers.

Accurate transaction report

Not only simplify your reporting process, but restaurant POS also has another advantage for you as the coffee shop owner. It can show you the transaction history of your customers. For example, Andy already visited your coffee shop twice and always ordered a mocha latte during breakfast time. This way, you can offer him a special promotion for his next visits, such as giving a free sandwich or discount after completing 5 transactions.

The system will enable you to make personalized offers to your customers. This way, your opportunity to bring in a loyal customer will be higher. The next step that you have to do is…

Formulate the best promotion strategy for your coffee shop

With restaurant POS help, you can arrange an effective and efficient loyalty program for your loyal customers. As long as your customers willing to give their phone number or email to the system, you can send text, email or WhatsApp message to promote your latest program.

This way can make your customers only see the promotion they want to see. Thus will increase the probability of your customer’s next visits to your coffee shop.


Based on the benefits above, we can see that the implementation of restaurant POS for a coffee shop or restaurant has to be considered by the business owner, even in medium level business. Try to vision this implementation as an investment that you can reap the benefit in the future. You will see how much it will help you grow your business as time goes by.

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