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6 Secrets on How to Open a Food Truck Business Successfully

It’s always something when we talk about the food and beverage industry. As a form of marketing automation tool, there are various interesting innovations invented to attract customers. One of the innovations that have become popular in the last few years is a mobile restaurant that we call a food truck. Many people decide to open a food truck as a form of new marketing innovation.


In the USA, people call it a mainstream business as there are a lot of successful food truck owners. Its extreme popularity makes people want to try to have one. According to the National Restaurant Association report in 2017, more than four out of 10 restaurateurs believe that this business will be even more popular. Then, how to open a food truck business? Here are six secrets to how to open a successful food truck business.

Know your environment

Try to be more aware of your environment. Study the people’s behavior and the condition of the street. By doing this, you will know what kind of product of food and drinks you need to sell, what time you need to start selling, and many more.

Attend some events before you open a food truck

Dom from Mac Truck NYC stated in Roaming Hunger, suggested that beginners are willing to attend special events before they drive the truck into the street. In Singapore, for instance, you can join the Singapore Food Festival, Feast at Sentosa, Food & Wine Festival, and many more. It is good to introduce your brand to your potential customers. Not only for the food truck business, but this is also a general success tip to open a food and beverage business.

Choose the best truck

open a food truck

Another suggestion came from a food truck pro, Sean the owner of Slider Provider. As stated in Roaming Hunger he suggested that every food truck owner invest in the best truck. Besides they need to recruit experienced mechanics within this industry. On the same website, Patrick from Truck Meister said that it is very important to do proper planning before buying the truck. Find out what food you need to bring, how big the equipment is, and so on.

Promote your business through social media

People are connected through social media these days. Therefore, promote your business through this powerful tool. If needed, use Marketing Automation to help you promote and interact with your customers. This system will help you to automate any marketing campaign, email marketing, and newsletter.

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Create a creative yet simple menu

Determining what menu you want to sell is very important, especially for the food and beverage business. Take your time to create a unique food that will attract customers. Make your customers remember what it looks like and how amazing the taste is. For the food truck business, you need to consider foods and drinks which are simple to make. Additionally, you can use an e-menu system to serve customers digitally and simplify transactions with a paperless order system.

Find the right POS system

We know that the POS system helps any transaction process faster. It is no doubt that this system is mandatory within the food truck business as the transaction process within this business is very quick. POS system is only able to process any payment methods, it can also generate real-time reports.


Use HashMicro’s Point of Sales System to streamline your transaction processing. Get an analysis of the sales of each food truck that is currently operating automatically. You can easily manage transactions and sales history to analyze trends and predict cash flow accurately. To experience the benefits of the software yourself, you can request a free demo here.

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