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5 Must-have Revolutionary Technologies in Restaurant Kitchen

From the cashier register to the kitchen restaurant, technologies hold important roles in the business operations. Innovations in system kitchen industries come like an endless wave, demanding restaurants to keep up with them. It is because these innovations create faster, easier, and more profitable management.

The technology revolution has transformed many things that were once impossible into something mandatory in the present. Consequently, it impacts how F&B companies run their business if they want to survive.

In this article, we would like to show 5 must-have revolutioner technologies in kitchen restaurants.


Automatic reservation management

Sometimes, customer dissatisfaction happens because they have to wait for a long time to get a table after making a reservation. Inefficient waiting-list. However, you can solve this by using restaurant management software. It is equipped with a table management feature.

This software can manage reservations and arranging optimum table layouts based on the number of customers and the time they spend there. Yes, the system can set up an accurate waiting time. It informs them that they’re table is available. Therefore, customers can have a pleasant waiting experience.

How does it help the kitchen restaurant? It connects the customers and the cook. The cook can always give them updates about their meal preparation progress. Restaurant management software is the best solution to increase customer satisfaction.

Tabletop Tablet

There is a new technology innovation for POS system. It is now integrated with the e-menu. It means that POS system is not only for the cashier staff. The customers can touch the screen too!

They can order the meals or customize it by themselves. And of course, make their payments on their own. The E-menu can also suggest the customers with upsells and cross-sells menu. Needless to say, e-menu can boost sales too.

Then, once they have completed their payments, the orders will directly go to the kitchen. It saves a lot of time. In the manual process, the cook waits until the waiters give the orders to them. Now, no more time spent walking from the counter to the kitchen.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Digital inventory tracking

Pen and paper for recording the inventory is so last season. The spotlight is now on digital inventory tracking by using a system.

With an inventory management system, you can access the data from everywhere. The staff can record and calculate the inventory on hand accurately and efficiently. They can also set up a regular inventory calculation. Therefore, the staff can ensure that the food ingredients are always available.

Moreover, inventory software can monitor the inventory level. Its integration to POS system also calculates how much inventory required based on the sales in a certain period. The comparison between the two can help the manager to identify which inventory that is excessive, wasted, or stolen.

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Automated Purchasing Software

One of the biggest mistakes that a restaurant can make is saying “Sorry, the menu is not available”. The classic fact behind it is the restaurant does not have a proper purchasing management. The solution to this problem is by implementing purchasing software.

The software is integrated with the inventory system. So, whenever an item reaches the minimum level, managers will get a notification. It proceeds to the purchase request and order that can be done easily.

Not only that. The system can give managers product suggestions to buy based on purchase history, sales prediction, and other categories. Approval, verification, vendor comparison – it’s all in your hand. Hence, purchasing software always ensures ingredients availability.

Kitchen display

In restaurants, time is money. The cooking time affects the restaurants’ effectivity. However, any problem related to that is solved with the help of a central kitchen app in the kitchen restaurant. The kitchen display can record all orders clearly. For example, instead of writing 6 portions of 8 chicken strips, a kitchen display will state 48 chicken strips.

The kitchen display also calculates the cooking time of every meal and lists it based on the priority. Which meals should be served first. The accuracy of the system has reduced waste in the restaurant kitchen significantly.

In the end, technology can never replace the unique taste of each meal. However, if the two fuses, a restaurant can create the best dining experience. The interconnectivity between employees, systems, and products is what modern restaurant needs.


Technology cannot replace the unique taste of food and drink. But the combination of the two, the restaurant is able to provide the best dining experience for customers. Interconnectivity between employees, systems and products will bring about meaningful changes in restaurants.

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