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5 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Apply Kitchen Display System

The topic of technology in restaurants has greatly centered on ordering and payment integration but little did we find the discussion about technology that supports the back-end tasks in the restaurant, such as kitchen display. But no need to worry because you will find it in this article.

What is a kitchen display system?

A kitchen display system is a digital screen that replaces the manual ticket order that is either hand-written or printed. The screen is commonly used in a commercial kitchen and integrated into the POS system. It means that whenever there is an order that the staff inputs in the POS, the updates synchronizes with the kitchen display.

The features of the kitchen display vary. It categorizes the order that has to be delivered simultaneously and create an order based on fulfillment priority. It also presents the recipes, prep time, and the quality procedure on the screen.

So, what are the benefits of a kitchen display system?

Accurate fulfillment time

Time is very essential in the kitchen. If the food arrives late of one comes after another, it may cause the customers to leave the restaurant a bad impression.

Giving a synchronized service like that is a challenge for the cook and the waitress. Often times, the waitresses do not immediately deliver the orders to the kitchen. Customers would flag to them while they’re heading in the kitchen. As the order arrives in the kitchen, it does not denote something better. It’s sometimes too loud and too hot to hear or remember what the chef shouted.

With a kitchen display system, the waitress can input the order list so the cooks in the kitchen have more time to get ready. It will sort the orders based on the station where the cooks should prepare the food. Therefore, task management is clearer and more efficient.

Streamline the cooking process

A kitchen display system is capable of delivering the detail about the orders clearly. For example, there is a menu named “chicken drums” that consists of 4 pieces of fried chicken wings. Then, there is a customer who orders 6 portions of it. The system will show the cooks that they have to fry 24 chicken wings.

It is more effective compared to manual ticket orders. Printed or hand-written tickets usually just state “6 chicken drums”. It gets worse if these tickets are unorganized. These are the situations that make the cooks confused.

Simplify FOH and BOH workflow

The system works better if everyone in the restaurant connects to it. The servers can get a notification whenever there’s an update from the kitchen display from their tablet. It instructs them to pick up the food and deliver it to the customers.

This instant notification simplifies the serving process and the customers can have their food while it’s still fresh from the kitchen.

Reduce waste

Other benefits that the system can offer is that it can reduce the waste in restaurants. First, the management does not have to spend money on paper for ticket orders. Paper is very inefficient and costs quite a sum of money for the restaurant’s expenses.

Second, the system can push down the number of food waste due to cooks error in taking orders because the system makes it more organized.  You can improve management efficiency while being environmentally-friendly.

Increase customer satisfaction

When there are orders with different prep time cooked in the same station, the meals are most likely will not finish on time. Consequently, food quality may not meet the established standard, customers will complain, and the food should be thrown away.

The system prevents that scheme to happen. It automatically synchronizes the prep time to ensure that the food is ready on time, meets the quality standard, and gives a good impression to the customers.

A kitchen display system is very useful for every type of business in the F&B industry. It saves your money, reduces waste, and streamlines the cooking and serving process so that the customers can have the best dining experience.

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