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5 Software Every Cafe Owner Should Buy

One of the biggest mistakes made by cafe owners is that they avoid to buy software for their business. As we know, software can develop the business such as streamline the order process, ease the food supply management, and automate and fasten the transaction process. There are many software for cafe which are very important for the business. But here are 5 software every cafe owner should buy.

POS (Point of Sales)

According to the recent study, 80 percent of consumers prefer to use their debit and credit card for the payment method. This is the reason why every cafe owners need POS system and make it as the very important software for cafe. This system is not only proper for every cash, debit and credit payment method, but also perfect for the voucher, coupon, and mobile payment method.

This software is easily integrated with other software like accounting system, for instance. By integrating POS and accounting software, all transactions will be recorded within the accounting software automatically. The result is, journal generating will be more convenient.

Accounting Software

Another software that every cafe owner should have is Accounting Software. This software offers many advantages for the business by streamlining any complicated accounting process. By using accounting system, you won’t need spend too much time on generating financial report as everything will be done automatically. Moreover, accounting software can also help you to increase sales in cafe business.

Food supply management

For cafe business, it is mandatory to manage food supply. That’s why every cafe owners need to have a great food supply management. One thing that need to be consider to achieve it is to use an inventory or food supply management system. One of the function of this software is to help reducing risk of food recalls. Besides, the weekly or monthly report can be a great insight for you to check what are the favorite menu within your cafe. Therefore, this system can help reducing the loss risk and increase the profit.

Central Kitchen

Another software for cafe you need to buy is Central kitchen. This system will streamline every order that are made. By using this system, every order will be automatically shown on the kitchen screen. Another feature you will have by using this system is the procurement. This feature will help you to track contract with some vendors as well as monitor and compare the stock price. Central Kitchen allows you to set order timing automatically hence the order will be done in time.

CRM Software

Even though not all cafe business implement the CRM system, but this system is very important. CRM software helps you to do any sales activities like selling, manage customers and opportunities easily. This system can also monitor the cafe performance and compare it with the monthly target.

So, are you ready to bring your cafe business to the next level? Also read 5 Tips to Manage Inventory in Your Café.

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