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Receive up to 50% funding support when you adopt HashMicro with a pre-approved vendor Click here
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5 Reasons Why Mobile Restaurant POS Can Develop Your Business

A smartphone is one of the pivotal intelligent technologies in this digital era. There are a lot of innovations within the smartphone technology which make everybody is excited; including restaurateurs. Yes, restaurant business can utilize ERP software, especially POS system which is integrated with smartphone or tablet. Mobile Restaurant POS has many benefits. One of the main functions of this system is allowing the customers to check the restaurant menu digitally. As quoted in Lightspeed, there are 5 reasons why mobile restaurant POS can develop your business. Check them out here!



Mobile Restaurant POS simplifies service

Mobile Restaurant POS allows customers to order via E-Menu. It means the waitress can do other tasks during the ordering process. E-Menu can also decrease mistakes like accidentally putting the wrong order. After the foods and drinks are ordered, the orders will be inputted into the POS system and shown on the kitchen display screen. Therefore, the kitchen staff can proceed with the orders immediately.

Enhance the service with mobile restaurant POS

Most POS systems nowadays are based on cloud-based so they can record customers’ identities and their order histories. We know that this is very important to remember your customers especially when they have a special condition. For example, if one customer has a nut allergy, he will make sure the restaurant staff knows it. This information is very crucial and every restaurant staff especially for the cooks. In the end, they need to be really careful when they proceed with the food: making sure that there’s no nut involved during the process.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Update foods and drinks faster and easier

During the special session like Christmas, for instance, the restaurant usually will add or update their menu. By using the Mobile Restaurant POS system, it easily be update through website. Because of the cloud-based system, managers can also check the updates even though they are not in the restaurant at that time.

Fasten the orders and payments with mobile restaurant POS

Mobile Restaurant POS can fasten the food and drinks orders as they will be recorded into the POS system automatically. After it is recorded, every single menu price is shown clearly. It causes the payments process faster as well. The customers are informed and know how much they need to pay. Moreover, the total price which is shown also encourages the customers on how they want to pay.

Reduce employee cost

We know that the success key of managing a restaurant is having staff that can serve customers perfectly. However, during the rush hours, staff needs to works faster. Sometimes it left a slightly bad impression on the customers because customers expect the best service. However, by using the E-Menu system, customers can order their foods and drinks by themselves which allows restaurants to have only a few waitresses. It means restaurants can reduce employee costs.


Restaurant POS software is a very important software for the continuity of your business. The software is able to manage your entire business into a single unit making it easier to manage your business remotely. One of the best restaurant POS software belongs to HashMicro.

HashMicro provides POS software that can be integrated with each other so you can manage your business from anywhere. Do you want to evolve your restaurant business to the next level? then try the free demo now!


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