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The Benefits of The Expiry Date Management to Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, you must ensure the satisfaction of your customers, particularly in terms of food quality. And to provide the best services and high-quality foods from your restaurant, you must use fresh ingredients. However, maintaining fresh ingredients is quite challenging, due to the high risk of expiring quickly. Hence, it is essential thing for you to pay extra attention to the expiration date which can be done easily with the Expiry Date Management to monitor the expiration date of ingredients and machines in your restaurant. 

The expiration date is mostly found printed on the packaging of products. It labels with “Use by,” “Expiry date,” “Best before,” or “Sell by.” Even so, there are several factors that can quicken the expiration of products, such as temperature, light, and oxygen. Below are the following benefits and reasons why you should consider tracking the expiration date using the fully-featured Expiry Date Management. In addition, this article will also provide a pricing scheme so you can calculate the price.


Why The Expiry Date Management is Beneficial?

the expiry date management helps to monitor the stock and the date of foods or products

In running a restaurant, you need to pay attention to the expiration date and the quality of your resources. Especially the ingredients of foods that are so vulnerable to expiration. If you tend to ignore this, the expired food can harm your restaurant. Surely you dont want that to happen.

Because after all, customers visit your restaurant to get food and make them happy with the food. Hence, you need automated expiry date management to achieve that.  Here are some more reasons why you must use it in your restaurants:

  • To Avoid Product Waste

You do not need to worry anymore about your food stock or other inventory in your kitchen. The expiry date management is the best solution to control your kitchen inventory, especially the food ingredients’ quality. This solution, with its automated features, will monitor your inventory and ensure the maintenance of the food ingredients.

Such a way will prevent you from wasting products, ingredients, or resources while you can optimize operational kitchen activities in one app with the best-centralized system. The system enables you to simplify monitoring stock-taking in real-time data with the FEFO feature. FEFO, which stands for “first expired, first out,” is a method for allocating inventory. The feature will ensure you use the products with the earliest expiration dates, reducing product waste.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp
  • For Good Quality Control

Aside from avoiding wasted products, the system automatically blocks those that have passed their expiration date. You can keep track of not only the quantity in stock but also the quality. As a result of doing so, you will increase the customers’ satisfaction by serving good and high quality only. Moreover, to reduce products or food waste, you have the option of getting rid of the products that are about to expire or have already expired. For example, options to give them away or use them for some other purpose instead. 

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  • To Tackle Customer Issues

As was mentioned in the previous point, the automated management of expiration dates will prevent customers from receiving products that have passed their expiration date from being used. Only high-quality products you should serve in your restaurant so you can satisfy your customer. 

Other customer issues, such as difficulty in online purchasing, will be solved with the most comprehensive restaurant kitchen system in Singapore. Your customers can visit your online store and make a purchase there with the help of an ordering portal. They can place orders with the least possible effort in the highly customizable portal. Furthermore, when customers order the foods either by online or offline, your customers will get their order on time since the system has a dashboard that enables you to monitor them.


It is common knowledge that the kitchen is the busiest location in the food and beverage industries. Because it is the place where restaurant prepare the food. Which we all know that food is the basic foundation of the restaurant. Without high-quality of food, do not expect the success of your restaurant. With that being said, you must manage kitchen activities and prepare the best quality food ingredients, and the solution is using Singapore’s most reputable catering management system. The ingredients of foods and the machines or products you use can expire. The expiry date management, one of the features in the central kitchen management of HashMicro, is an effective solution to manage the expiration date of your inventory, ingredients, machines, and many more. 

In sum, the no.1 central kitchen system is a restaurant kitchen management to automatically operates and manages all kitchen activities, from preparing to distributing raw food materials and serving the food to customers. For long-term benefit, the system will increase not only customer satisfaction but also the sales and profit of restaurants. For that reason, if you consider using kitchen management, here is the pricing scheme of the central kitchen system or get a free demo by visiting this page.


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