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ERP Benefits for F&B Business during Ramadan and COVID-19 Pandemic

The opportunity of F&B business during Ramadan to hit success is sadly curtailed this year. It can’t be Ramadan without the bazaars where restauranteurs can participate in congested open-air markets to sell their food. This holy month of the Muslims was a communal celebration that can boost F&B sales. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity is at the brink of diminishing.

However, there are some strategies that restauranteurs can implement. Some sellers are now making the bazaar online, meaning that it depends on marketing and delivery. Although it seems to be not as yielding as the normal condition, it helps the sellers to survive. Yet, they can still thrive by utilizing the tools in the ERP system to boost sales.

There are various modules that ERP for F&B industries can cover however, this article will not talk about it thoroughly. We will summarize what kind of benefits that this tech can provide you in this gloomy time if you have implemented it for your restaurant.

Focusing the sales on the most wanted menu

The social distancing policies prohibit people to dine in and gather in groups. However, with takeaway deliveries, you can still have current sales data to be learned.

As the POS System completes the transaction, it will neatly save the information. You can easily generate a sales report automatically from certain time ranges. It can be best selling items from recent times or even many Ramadans before. Then, your business instinct will play a role. Whatever your business decisions will be, it has a strong basis thanks to the data accuracy.

If you can maximize your sales on the most selling items as per the historical data, it will save you a lot of money. You don’t have to spend costly on items that are not going to perform well.

Learning customer’s behavior and marketing it

ERP System for F&B covers membership management that stores all information and sales history of your loyal customers. This information will be useful to persuade them into repurchasing through an effective marketing strategy.

The system can generate information such as what items a customer or often purchases or inclusive member purchase data. It means that you can promote it personally!  The Marketing Automation System that is integrated with the Membership System can make the process hassle-free. You can send the campaigns to your customers and analyze their performance on the same platform!

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Maintaining sufficient stock level

It’s not only sales data that will be beneficial for you. What is marketing when you can not prepare proper inventory? Through the Inventory Management System, you will never turn food ingredients into useless waste.

After deciding your sales focus, the system will help you determine how many stocks are required to fulfill the orders based on order history from a certain period.

Moreover, it will give an alert when the stocks reach the minimum level. Som you will not have to worry about losing the sales opportunity due to inadequate food ingredients.

Ensuring food quality

The pandemic forces you to be extra hygiene in food preparation. Your employees should be in a healthy condition and disinfect themselves before cooking and packing the meals.

However, ERP system is also capable of maintaining food quality. The Inventory Management System will make sure that the food ingredients sitting on your kitchen shelves are not expired. There will be an automated alert that will notify you a few days before the products can’t be consumed.

It helps you to protect the customers from unwanted health problems and cause them more susceptible to the infection.


It’s an inevitable fact that F&B business during Ramadan is not as promising as it is in the normal days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, ERP System is very useful to optimize sales opportunities effectively as explained above.

If you have not implemented the ERP System, it might be a good time to evaluate what your business needs if it has to face a similar situation like this in the future. Data-based analysis is an important component that makes business survives, predicts the future state, and conveys certain business pattern in various time ranges.

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