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5 Things That Will Happen If You Don’t Use POS System in your Restaurant

We know there are various benefits we can get as we shift our out-of-date cash register into POS system. Within the restaurant business, POS does not only streamline the transaction process, but it also helps you to track sales history as well as analyze the sales trends. Those are only few of many benefits you can get when you use this system. But do you know if you don’t want to shift your old system into POS? Here are 5 things that will happen if you don’t use POS System in your restaurant.

An out-of-date payment system

Using POS system allows to give your customers various payment methods. POS system not only offer the credit and debit payment, but also allow your customers to pay with their mobile wallet payment like Android Pay and Apple Pay. Therefore, this process will streamline the payment and make your customers more satisfied. In fact, according to the recent study, 80 percent of American people prefer use their credit and debit card to buy their daily needs including when they go to a restaurant.

Complicated accounting

POS System will help you to simplify financial reports. If you still use the old cash register, accountants need to calculate and sort hundreds of receipt manually. It means the risk of human error will be still high. By using this system all the transaction will be recorded automatically. Moreover, this system will be easily integrated with the Accounting System thus the journal and reports generating will be easier and more accurately.

Difficult to share information to the inventory system

One of the unique sides of POS is that it can be integrated with other software. Besides accounting system, POS can be integrated with the inventory system. Through this integration, POS System will boost and improve your inventory management and vice versa. For example, you can monitor your real-time stock level through POS System. If you are still using the simple cash register, this collaboration will be impossible.

Without POS System, the service will be slower

When it comes to transaction process, any calculations need to be precise. Otherwise, it will impact other poor financial reports. Sometimes, when you are required to calculate everything accurately, you will do it slower to prevent the miscalculation. Not all customers are ‘okay’ with the slow service especially when they are in rush. One of the solutions to prevent this to happen is shifting to POS system. This system can also be integrated with the Barcode system that makes payment process even faster.

Incomplete details on receipt

A good receipt is the one which provide complete and detail information. In general, cash register’s receipt will only provide a list of menu, their price, and total. But when you are using POS system, you will get complete information such as list of menu, their price, discount, tax, coupon, and even the loyalty rewards program information.

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