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The Best 5 Restaurant Software in Indonesia

The restaurant business is a challenging type of business. It is because managing a restaurant requires a lot of resources and effort. From purchasing raw materials, creating menus, cooking the food in the kitchen, to promotions and customer service management. When done correctly, these things can smooth your restaurant business operations. To make it so, you need restaurant software.

The restaurant software can help you automate those processes. Thus, there will be no more time wasted on doing repetitive work because it has been done by the system. However, among many restaurant software available, not all of them have the same quality. There’s also price aspect that must be taken into consideration.

To help you choose the best one, we will recommend you 5 best restaurant software in Indonesia. You just have to choose one that suits your needs and the budget you have.

HashMicro restaurant software

HashMicro offers a unique solution for business owners in the country. Unlike other software developers who offer their products in packages, HashMicro gives users the freedom to choose what products they want to use.

Take HashMicro restaurant application for example. Even though it is complemented with modules such as CRM, restaurant POS, inventory management, accounting, and HRM, you can choose which modules you only want to use. Need POS only? No problem! Want to improve warehouse management? You can use the inventory management module without having to buy the others.

This is how HashMicro successfully attracting various well-known food and beverages companies such as Transcorp, Zenbu, Sarang Oci, and Beatrice Quarters are among the HashMicro loyal clients.


Although better known from their accounting software, Zahir has other software suitable for restaurant businesses. Zahir POS (point of sale) is one of them. The complete features of Zahir POS are the main consideration for those looking for the best restaurant software.

Its main feature is the ability to record transactions with smartphones and tablets. With this, your restaurant customers no longer need to queue at the cashier to make payments, they can do it at the table with the provided tablet or smartphone.

In addition, another feature that Zahir’s restaurant software has is stock management, production, ease of inventory management and affordable software prices make Zahir a favorite of many restaurant business owners in Indonesia.


Ravintola offers modern restaurant software that has been trusted by a number of businesses in Indonesia and Singapore. Famous restaurants such as Bandar Jakarta, Kafe Excelso and Seaside Suki already using the Ravintola software.

The main advantage of Ravintola is the menu feature integrated directly with inventory and kitchen. Not only that, but your customers can also make online reservations. With this, customers who want to visit your restaurant doesn’t have to worry about not getting a seat when they arrive at the location.

Ravintola also supports data integration in a cloud server. With this, all the data you need, such as reports, inventory, and customer identity can be accessed from one place. This method allows you to get the data you want quickly.

Omega Resto

The restaurant application offered by Omega Resto has a digital menu which is useful for guests to avoid making mistakes while ordering food. With the support of cloud computing, Omega Resto can work faster than other restaurant software.

The cloud computing feature is very helpful for restaurant businesses with a lot of branches. This allows you to access your branch restaurant information as soon as possible. So that your decision making will be more precise and directed.

Another advantage of Omega Resto is that it is equipped with a kitchen module. With this feature, every order that comes from the waiter will immediately appear on the monitor in the kitchen. Thus, chefs can prepare food even quicker for customers.

Indo Resto

Compared to other restaurant software, the application from Indo Resto is arguably the lightest. But that does not mean that the restaurant application lacking features. Indo Resto has a cash flow feature that makes it easy for you as a business owner to manage your budget easily.

In addition, Indo Resto also very flexible in serving customers, for example, the non-menu sales feature. Just like Omega Resto, this software also has a kitchen module for faster food serving.

Ideally, this software is suitable for standalone restaurant, a.k.a. doesn’t have a branch. For those who have just started their business and want to automate various business aspects with the help of software, Indo Resto is the right choice for you.


That’s the 5 best restaurant software in Indonesia. Restaurant applications are important for you who run a restaurant business. Not only helps you run the business, but this software is also able to save expenses and increase your profit.

Then, which restaurant software is your choice? Or are you even more confused after reading this article? Do not worry! Just contact our team to get all the answers you need simply by clicking the following link.

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