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Advertisement: Definition, and What Makes it Important For Your Business!

The development of the times is happening so fast that more and more people are competing to open a business. Even in this pandemic era, it doesn’t break people’s fighting spirit to keep increasing their income. There are many types of businesses. From home businesses scale to enterprise level. This makes the competition more competitive every day. However, with an advertisement with the right strategy, a small business will be able to develop and sell well in the market.

But before using an advertisement, we must know what it means. How an advertisement can drive sales of a small business to generate a large income. Check out the following article to find out.

Definition of Advertisement

Advertisement is any form of information, or message that usually persuades the audience to be interested in the products and services that it offers. Of course, an advertisement does not only focus on commercial matters. It also focuses to engage people in something good, such as a public service advertisement.

Moreover, advertising is very useful in carrying out marketing activities to promote the brand to the general public. Advertisements are usually promoting through various media such as television, radio, banners, newspapers, magazines, and many other channels that can advertise. Even in today’s era, you can choose between online advertising and offline advertising.

Forms of Advertisement Marketing

In general, there are two types of advertising marketing, namely online advertising, and offline advertising. The following is an explanation and difference between the two types of advertising marketing:

1. Online advertising

Online advertising is all advertising activities in the digital world and helps advertisers to reach users with the message. Due to the rapid development of the times, almost everyone in this world uses digital media such as the internet. This is why online ads being a target because there are so many digital media users, it will make it easier for the advertiser to find their target market.

Of course, the advantages of online advertisements are the ease within. which they can reach many audiences, relatively low operating costs, and the possibility to target certain consumers to reach these advertisements.

2. Offline advertising

Meanwhile, offline advertising is an advertisement that is usually found in traditional media. Such as newspapers, magazines, and television. Offline ads can also be found on the roadside such as billboards and banners. This type of advertisement is usually referring as traditional advertising.

However, until now there are still many who use offline advertising as a promotional activity for their business. The advantage of the offline ads itself is that it makes a product more quickly known and remembered by many people. And it can convey promotional messages clearly and with credible sources.

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Advertisement Objectives

Of course, there are several goals in using advertisements, here are the reviews:

1. Informing (giving information)

An advertisement is usually telling the target audience some information about a particular product. The information provided can be in a new product launch, price changes, to build a brand image for a company.

2. Remind (remind)

Secondly, An Advertisement can protect a company’s brand in the minds of its customers. This thing is done in addition to maintain the brand image, it can also increase consumer interest in the brand.

3. Adding value

At the same time, advertising can add value to a product. Effective advertising will certainly build a good consumer perception of a brand.

4. Persuading (persuade)

An advertisement is usually also used to shape the audience’s brand preference for a brand, create consumer perceptions, and persuade consumers to buy the product that is promoted.

5. Assisting (accompaniment)

One of the functions of advertising is as a tool in the promotion mix. Usually, advertising facilitates other works of a brand in the marketing communication process. Aims to achieve the main target in a Marketing Communication activity.

Types of Advertisement 

Based on the content, medium, and purpose, advertising has various types of forms. This happens because, for each purpose, different forms of advertising will be used. Here’s a list of the types:

1. Types of ads based on their content

Offer advertisement (commerce)

The type of advertising that we usually encounter is an offer ad. Commercial advertising itself generally contains an offer of products or services to the target audience.

Public service advertisement

Public service advertisements are widely used by a particular agency or institution. Usually contains information about socialization, about the topic or issue. Examples are health advertisements, family planning, and many others.

An announcement or notification advertisement

These ads are often aimed at informing and grabbing the attention of the target audience. The contents are both for announcements about events, achievements of a brand, and others.

2. Types of ads by media

Print media advertising

Of course, by the name, we can tell that a print ad is an advertisement by printing. Usually, we often see it in print media such as magazines, newspapers, billboards, and others.

Electronic media advertising

This advertisement uses electronic media for its delivery channel. Electronic advertising is also often encountering in our daily life. Examples are such as television commercials, radio advertisements, advertisements in films, and advertisements in social media.

3. Types of ads by purpose

Commercial advertising (business)

Commercial advertisements are useful for getting a direct profit. Basically, advertisement aims to increase sales of the brand. This is what usually drives an increase in the income of a business.

Non-commercial advertising

In contrast to commercial, non-commercial advertising is less focused on results such as profits and increased sales. However, this ad focuses on social awareness, long term orientation. Often used by business people so that later people will become more aware of their brand.

Text Structure of Advertisement

To clarify, the structure of the content of the ad text is divide into 3 forms, namely orientation, a body of the ad, and justification.

1. Orientation

Orientation is the introduction of an ad in which there is text or words that are the prefix for the ad.

2. Contents (body)

Usually contains the core of the advertisement itself. Which have substance information, messages, or promotional topics. that is conveying to the target audience.

3. Justification

Justification itself is an explanation or further information about an advertisement such as an address, web address, telephone number, email, official social media, and so on.

Advertisement Language Rules

Of course, We need to know that the language rules of ad writing are more rhetorical. In this sense, it contains effective meaning. The following is a brief explanation of the language rules:

1. Interrogative sentence

Is a sentence that contains elements of questions to those who read it.

2. Persuasive sentence

This sentence aims to persuade, invite, and provide advice to the target audience.

3. News sentence

Is a sentence that contains information.

4. Exclamation Sentence

Sentences that are contains to express admiration or invitation. In fact, It can also be used as an affirmation.

5. Imperative Sentence

Is a sentence that contains an element of command or prohibition.

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Examples of Ads That Commonly Found Everyday

TV advertisement :

Generally, some brands use TV advertising to increase their brand awareness. The main goal is to let people know about the brand he has. What their product looks like, what it sells for, and at how much it cost.

Example for TV Advertisement
Source: www.visualhash.tech

Public service Advertisement :

Public service advertisements are commonly used to provide information. Regarding a particular problem or issue that is currently happening. Usually, public service advertisements contain warnings and information using imperative and persuasive sentences.

Example of Publice Services Advertisement
Source: www.rhetoricofpropaganda.weebly.com

Magazine Advertisement:

Magazine ads are usually targeting the intended or segmented market. Many businesses advertise their brand in magazines because they are relatively low-cost and have a long period of time.

Example of Magazine Advertisement
Source: www.designyourway.net

Billboard Ads:

Last but not least, many businesses are often using billboard advertisements to promote their products. Certainly, people are using these billboards as promotional media that are easy to do with the costs incurred are not large enough. In addition, this ad can be done instantly or contemporary promotions.

Example of Billboard Ads
Source: www.s.studiobinder.com


In conclusion, After getting to know about advertisement deep enough, we should aware of why advertising in a business is a must. As a promotional tool, small businesses can grow. Most importantly, one of the essences of doing business is building relationships with humans. To achieve this, advertising can be an important tool to fulfill these marketing communication activities.

Finally, after doing the promotion we must also be accompanied by the processing of good business resources. If you are having an interest in managing enterprise resources based on software, please contact us. HashMicro provides SaaS (Software as a Service) for various types of enterprise industries. Click here to try to register and contact our customer service.

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