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Warehouse Staff: Understanding, Tasks, and Criteria that the Company Wants

Almost the entire industry runs by requiring warehouse staff. Currently, this position is one of the jobs that many people are interested in. In general, the task of a warehouse staff is related to goods that are produced by the company as well as the results of the production itself. In addition, they will also distribute products to the location according to their demand.

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Understanding Warehouse Staff

What exactly is warehouse staff? What are your responsibilities in a company? So, a warehouse staff is an employee in a company that generally has a relationship with goods supply services, and logistics. They are also still divided into three classes of employees, there are permanent employees, contracts, and also daily. Daily warehouse staff will work based on the plan that has been prepared and receives wages according to the day they work or according to the day on which there is an order that has a target.

Warehouse staf will take care of goods and other products stored in the warehouse. Usually, this position also faces obstacles regarding matters related to the accuracy of the movement of goods and knowing the period of the goods stored in the warehouse. Being in this position is also not just the rigor you need to have. However, there needs to be good teamwork as well.

A career in the Department of Warehousing

In this department warehouse, there are not only warehouse staff. There are many other positions that are commonly available within the company. These positions also determine the amount of responsibility and salary you will receive. Here are the general departments in the warehousing department:

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1. A supervisor or Head of Warehouse

A supervisor or warehouse head has the task to conduct supervision of every job related to the warehouse to meet the standards that the company wants. In addition, supervisors are also tasked with planning the procurement and distribution of materials or production products, conducting supervision on warehousing reporting, and ensuring the availability of goods in accordance with market needs.

2. Staff of Warehouse

Here there is the scope of work to move goods in or out, both from the vehicle and into the vehicle. This staff will move the item to a designated location. They also do the packaging of manufactured goods. Therefore, generally the requirement to be part of the warehousing department is to have good health.

3. Operator of Warehouse

The main task of a warehouse operator is to make sure that the goods have a good in and outflow, organize the goods in the warehouse, and check the goods before shipping. This is the reason that to be in this position requires the ability to be careful to avoid errors in stock calculations.

4. Admin of Warehouse

Warehouse admins have tasks related to warehousing administration. Where they will input, identify the product, and check and ensure the condition of the goods or products is still good.

Duties and Responsibilities of Warehouse Staff

Previously we have discussed briefly the duties of warehouse staff. Now we will dissect in detail what are the duties and responsibilities of warehouse staff.

1. Unloading activities of goods or products

Previously, it has been explained that the duty of a warehouse staff is to be responsible for the distribution of goods. This distribution activity has a connection with loading and unloading goods, where they will conduct supervision and record every item that goes out or enter.

The recording they do includes the number of goods entering and exiting, the name of the goods, types, senders, and recipients of goods, as well as the estimated time the goods arrive at the destination, and write down the delivery time of the goods.

2. Sign a letter of acceptance of goods

Because the task of a warehouse staff is to supervise every loading and unloading, the condition of goods until delivery. So, other tasks they must be responsible for are the signing of letters of acceptance of goods from producers, exporters, and so on.

3. Checking goods in the warehouse

Another task that warehouse staff needs to do regularly is to check goods in the warehouse. This control runs to ensure the quality and quantity of goods in the storage space are in accordance with existing data. When the amount is appropriate, then they will write and submit reports periodically.

4. Make preparations for the storage and delivery of goods

When there is an order of goods coming in from the customer, the warehouse staff must prepare the delivery and storage of goods. It is mandatory for the staff to ensure the number of goods ordered is appropriate. Completeness, packing, administration, and delivery of goods have been ensured in accordance with company standards.

5. Warehouse staff have to write an item activity report

The process of going in and out of goods in a warehouse has certainly affected the number and condition of production goods. To minimize the occurrence of errors, it is necessary to record details periodically about the ups and downs of goods in the warehouse. The recording relates to in and out of goods, damage, returns, to the stock of goods available.

6. Coordinating with other divisions and clients of the company

Communication is important in any department, as well as warehouse staff. With many complex tasks and very related to many divisions, there needs to be well-established communication between warehouse staff and other related divisions.

Such communication will avoid misinformation, such as the number of goods ordered by customers, the condition of the goods to be sent, and service in terms of return.

Criteria and Skills That Warehouse Staff Must Possess

To be a reference for those of you who are interested in studying work in the warehousing department, here we present the criteria that are generally the benchmark for becoming a warehouse staff:

The main thing is education. Because education will give an idea of whether the person has an educational background that is in accordance with the position. In addition, if the person will become a permanent employee, then the company expects his educational background to be on par with other employees who are in the company. This is because warehouse staff must coordinate with other divisions when taking care of work as warehouse managers.

Second, the ability possessed is an important indicator when becoming a warehouse manager. This ability must match this position because the work done is quite complex.

Furthermore, have qualified and appropriate work experience. IIn fact, it is easier for the prospective warehouse staff to adapt in their word if they have plenty of experience in the field. A warehouse staff also needs to have a deft and meticulous ability to work.


Warehouse staff is indeed one of the most popular jobs today. However, there are still many people who do not know in detail about the task in this position. To maximize the company in warehousing activities, it can use Inventory Management Software to monitor stock availability and streamline stock management in warehouses. Get free demo now!


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