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The Importance of Barcode Software for Your Business in the New Normal

After the circuit breaker ends in several countries, a lot of companies begin to reopen their business and operate with strict physical distancing protocols. We can see that every time we want to get into an office building, we have to go through body temperature checking or scanning a barcode before entering a mall. In some countries, implementing barcode software is a must for malls.

Some malls in big cities like Jakarta already implement barcode software. We can see it from the visitor lining up in front of a mall. Other than body temperature checking, those who want to enter the mall had to scan a QR code with their cellphone.

So, what are the benefits of barcode software in the new normal for your business? Here are some of them:

Limiting the visitor number

To make the physical distancing enforcement easier, limiting the visitor number within a mall is a must. Since manually counting the person coming into the mall is not efficient, some managers start looking for another alternative. One of the best solutions is implementing barcode software and compel the mall visitors to scan the QR code in mall entrances.

After scanning the QR code, the system will automatically record the required data and tracking the number of visitors in that mall at a time. Reducing the maximum capacity to 50% is highly recommended to improve the physical distancing protocol inside the mall or in an office building.

Barcode software makes it easy to do contact tracing

The next advantage of a barcode system enables you to do contact tracing with ease. The system is also useful to track your visitor movement inside the mall. If there’s a virus outbreak within the mall, the facility manager can pinpoint which people that had to spend their time home for self-quarantine and which one isn’t.

Moreover, your visitor doesn’t have to download any app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After they scan the barcode, the phone will automatically open an internet browser such as Chrome or Safari. Following that, the visitor can input the required data, such as name, address, and other data that you think is necessary.


It’s a fact that the coronavirus is still out there. But life must go on! The economy needs to move once more. That’s why we need everyone’s cooperation to stay discipline and maintain physical/social distancing whenever we get out of our houses. For business owners, maintaining safety and security for your employees and visitors is the thing you have to do. One of the solutions is by implementing a barcode system. Learn more about the software by clicking on this link.

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