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5 Benefits of Drones for Construction Management

The use of drones for construction management has increasingly flourished. Drones bring so many advantages in terms of tracking and site inspections with better, faster, and more accurate results.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Here are the other five benefits of drones in construction!

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1. Accurate mapping

Most of the time, manual data collecting and map creating (survey) is a task requiring human labor and time-consuming. Meanwhile, drones can speed up this process by 60-70%. It provides high photo resolution, video capture, and LiDar (light detection and ranging) sensor.

LiDar sensor transmits a laser beam and measures its reflection. It is really helpful to map out, particularly in topographies that are difficult to navigate by humans. Construction drone survey does not only makes mapping simple, but it is also equipped with 3D modeling and analysis.

2. Minimal risk

Drones can replace humans in the process of ensuring site safety. Hence, integrating drones with monitoring devices, HSE managers can monitor the side in real-time and recognize problems in certain areas quickly.

Therefore, the risk of accidents involving humans and heavy equipment during inspections in hazard-prone areas can be reduced. Note that minimal risks also protects the project budget.

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3. Easy project development monitoring 

Drones display and capture the site in detail so that the managers can identify the progress of the project in every area.

So, project managers can always evaluate and monitor the site seamlessly. A fast monitoring process can reduce project delays that will significantly affect the financial status of the project. 

4. Monitoring productivity and accountability in the field

Drones used in construction allows the managers to monitor the productivity of the crew. They can also inspect whether the equipment is in place or not. Therefore, they can easily pinpoint the trouble that causes a project to progress slowly. 

Drones save the managers’ time as they don’t have to walk around the site on foot to monitor the project. They only have to sit in their office, take a look at the drone map as well as zoom it. Effortless yet effective management. 

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5. Effective construction marketing

Photos and videos are the best options to showcase the project. Usually, companies use a helicopter to snap the photos and videos. Unfortunately, the high costs of using a helicopter for photos and videos are not parallel with its quality, flexibility, time, and safety.

However, drones solve these obstacles effectively. Thanks to this technology, marketing efforts gain more with high-quality pictures. It can capture the magnificent project from different angles in a relatively short time. The company can satisfy the stakeholders with the progress that they can see visually.


In conclusion, the application of drones for construction management brings many benefits covering safety, cost, and time aspects. Drone boost projects’ effectivity with quick data collection, mapping, and analysis. Moreover, It works wonderfully if integrated with an Construction Software for that automates the management tasks with real-time data access. 

The future of drones in construction will not stop. These benefits are only the beginning. As technology develops, drones are expected to help construction companies in a wider area.

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