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      Commissioner is: The Responsibility as the Holder of the Highest Office in the Company

      Have you ever heard that there’s a position called commissioner? So, in the company, there is a position structure for the leaders or top officials of the company. other employees will generally respect people in this position. This is because the commissioner is in control of the activities and performance of employees as a whole.

      The role of the commissioner is as a person who will be responsible to the owner of the company. In addition, they will also provide supervision on the performance of directors and analyze financial management systems or business funding.

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      What is Commissioner?

      The commissioner is the highest position in a company. Sometimes a commissioner also acts as a company owner or shareholder. In addition, a commissioner also plays a role to oversee every activity, ranging from the company’s policy and management.

      Those who serve in this position will cooperate with the board of directors. Then, this position is also filled by a group of people, namely, the board of commissioners, and the leader is the main commissioner.

      In a company, this position is important because it can provide supervision of the running of the company’s activities in accordance with the existing vision and mission.


      Responsibilities of a Commissioner

      Furthermore, with his position as the leader of the company, a commissioner certainly has duties and responsibilities that he must carry out. The main task in this position is to conduct supervision of the performance of the board of directors. However, there are other things they have to do.

      There are several functions of the commissioner in general, namely:

      1. Oversee company policy and direct the board of directors
      2. Supervision and direction exist for all corporate interests
      3. Conduct proper and responsible supervision and direction
      4. Responsible for any losses that the company will experience later.

      For information, the function of a commissioner can be different in each company. However, in general, some other duties and responsibilities are:

      1. Implement policies that can make the company more targeted
      2. Select, support, and lift each performance of the board of directors
      3. Ensuring the need for funds has been met
      4. Pass an annual budget
      5. Determine the salary and compensation that other board of commissioners will get.

      As leaders, there must be some consequences that they will accept if they are negligent in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

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      Difference between Independent Commissioner and President Commissioner

      Under the basic rules of a company, there will be one or more independent commissioners and only one chief commissioner. Of course, these two positions have differences in function.

      Independent commissioners are external parties appointed through the General Meeting of Shareholders. Therefore, the person must be able to meet several conditions, one of which is not joining and receiving commissions with other parties. Meanwhile, the chief commissioner is someone who is elected based on the decision of the board of commissioners meeting. In addition, the legal position of the two cannot be separated and related to each other.

      Difference between Commissioner and Board of Directors

      In addition to the previous two things, there are also commissioners and directors. Of course, this also has a difference in its role in the company.

      In general

      If you look at the difference between the two positions, in general, the commissioner is the person responsible for monitoring the business and accounting systems of the company. In addition, the commissioner is also the owner of a company that cooperates with the board of directors to improve the company’s business.

      Meanwhile, directors are people who get training to lead a company and are directly elected by the owner of the business.

      Based on responsibility

      In his responsibilities in the company, this position also of course has a difference.

      Commissioners have a responsibility to conduct supervision of the strategies that the company will run, implement existing policies, and provide briefings to directors.

      Meanwhile, the board of directors is responsible for supervising internal activities to run more efficiently, monitoring opportunities for the coming of risk, and carrying out activities that will manage employee performance.


      Commissioners are important in the company because they hold a fairly high responsibility. With the commissioner, the company can oversee every operation of the company. In addition, the board of directors is able to have people who can give them the advice to create a good image in front of shareholders.

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