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HashMicro Gives Provision for UAJY Graduates

Thursday, February 25, 2021. HashMicro has the honor of providing briefings for prospective graduates of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering from Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University (UAJY) online. Opened by Dr. Parama Kartika Dewa as the Head of the Industrial Technology Masters Study Program. The event, which was held through the Zoom application, was also attended by the Head of the Master of Informatics Study Program, Yonathan Dri Handarkho, ST, M.Eng. also one of the professors and educators of the Master of Informatics Engineering, namely, Prof. A. Djoko Budiyanto, M.Eng., Ph.D.

With the theme “Professionalism in the Work Environment: Building a Good Work Ethic as a New Employee,” at the event, Lusiana Lu, as HashMicro’s Business Development Director, gave tips related to the topic. Lusiana highlighted that most of the new employees experienced failure in completing their probation period. Some of the reasons are having poor interpersonal skills, refusing to accept feedback from superiors or other teammates, lack of motivation, being too emotional, failing to meet expectations at work, not adapting to the company culture, lack of required skills, and slow progress.

Some things that can be done if the worker is going through a probationary period are:

  • Know the KPIs for the trial period
  • Always finish work on time.
  • They are frequently asking for feedback from superiors.
  • Compare performance with KPIs.
  • Do self-evaluation of whether workers tend to be goal-oriented or action-oriented
  • Set targets to improve performance
  • Create a work plan based on the following targets
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Besides, the work environment also has a significant role in determining employees’ success through probation. Try not to get too involved with colleagues who are bad influences, such as people who spread gossip, annoy during work hours, talk about bad things, have a habit of complaining, procrastinate time, and so on.

On the other hand, it would be better for new workers to get closer to colleagues who can positively impact them. An example is those who are ambitious, loyal, and desire to help and teach. This can help improve employee performance in the office.

Apart from all that, employees must remain disciplined during the probation period because this shows the graduate’s quality. Starting with the standard but essential things, namely coming to the office on time, avoiding taking too many days off when you are on sick leave, don’t forget to include a doctor’s certificate as evidence, and submitting reports according to the specified deadline. It is hoped that this webinar activity can help prospective UAJY graduates undergoing their probation successfully.

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