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7 Ways to Manage Finance in Construction Company

Running a company in a lean and financially healthy, also finding ways to save money while increasing profit margins is the key to the success of a construction company. By using integrated accounting software it can optimize in saving money. Therefore, to have a long future with positive financial flows, companies need good finance in the construction by using the best accounting software system.

Besides that, optimized efficiency, improved accuracy, real-time data, and also increased profitability are the main benefit of the complete accounting software system. To be able to make it happen, you can download the software pricing scheme calculation and follow the steps below:


1. Make a Payment Schedule for Better Finance in Construction Company

Manage Finance

Managing payments from clients and ensuring an agreement occurs, will undoubtedly make finance run in the right flow. Manage all payments by using a comprehensive accounting system. It is because you have certainty about the company’s finance. Managing finances and monitoring the revenue you receive each month is also easier when you have good sales records and regular billing. It also can be managed by using integrated accounting software for business.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

2. Pay in Advance

Avoid using company funds for each project that is run. Try the billing contract agreement at the outset so that the client, not the contractor, bears more financial risk. This kind of agreement takes you away from bad financial risks. The payments you receive in advance can do more structured and efficient work planning.

3. Manage Materials Effectively

There are two ways to reduce the excessive costs incurred by the contractor. First, ensure that materials are properly managed. Second, regulate the use of materials effectively and also efficiently.

Managing these materials will be more accessible by using software that can monitor the availability and also use of materials in various projects. Using the best Inventory System makes it easy for you to manage material to manage the material outflow that will be used to run the project you are holding. With an inventory system, companies also can manage well the use of materials. This benefit can prevent companies to waste the budget on the purchase of excess basic materials, or unnecessary. Download software pricing scheme calculation to overview before applying the system to your business.

4. Good Contract Management System

There are many benefits to using the right contract management system. It can help you manage the project contract, monitor the budget, and manage the costs to be incurred can increase revenue. Using software integrated into each work unit will also save costs by reducing unnecessary operational costs.

5. Timely Delivery of Materials

Timely Delivery of Materials

Material is something that is very much needed for the work of each project that runs. Ensuring every basic material comes on time. That will make it easier for the contractor to carry out the project underway. Also, it can make an efficient and also fast work process to reduce the possibility of excessive costs. Because the more the length of time spent the more spending costs on each project.

6. Oversee Workers’ Activities

Monitoring the activities of workers so that they can complete the project correctly and efficiently is not an easy job. How much workers need work time to complete a project or how many workers are required to work on one part of the project is certainly a helpful observation as an evaluation material for the company. By knowing the data about the activities of these workers, managers can do good budgeting for each project that will run in the future.

7. Possibility of Using Loans for Better Finance in Construction Company

Having a loan with a bank without good planning and a good payment solution in late payments will make it difficult for your company. Above all, do the six things above before deciding to borrow funds from the bank. As a result, if you finish the project, then you are not in debt right after.


In managing construction finances, you will not be enough if you only use a manual system. Cash flow that comes out and enters in large quantities will certainly make it difficult for you to get fast and also accurate results.

So, it is important to immediately switch to Integrated Accounting Software from HashMicro. Through the main features of the Cloud Accounting System, you can record all financial activities in the development industry easily automatically, including the credits you apply for. Download accounting software pricing scheme calculations for a free demo.


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