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5 Tips for Improving Construction Project Management

It is no doubt that the role of a project manager (PM) covers a lot of scope. He needs a thorough knowledge of the construction industry which has unique challenge. So, it is reasonable to say that a PM must have an excel project management skill in facing changes that often happen unexpectedly in the field.

The responsibility that a PM holds does not only revolve around himself. He must make sure that the architect, contractor, and supplier finish their task on time and meet the established budget. Not only does PM require the  management skill, but also a tool to help them meet the responsibility.

Fortunately, there’s a software for construction project management task. Combining this technology innovation and PMs’ expertise in handling project, the project can be accomplished successfully and efficiently. Here are 5 tips that every PMs can apply!

Create a communication flow

Communication is an important element that determines the success of the project. A PM must be able to establish a communication flow with the stakeholders, suppliers, and people in the field. Such transparency can streamline the process in executing the project and minimize unfavorable communication that leads to trouble.

One of the easiest ways to create an efficient communication flow is by doing it in one platform. Syncing the comments, pictures, calendar, and documents helps PMs monitor the update, budget, and any change that often occur. With an automated system, PMs has more time to develop a better coordination and project plan.

Always plan the work

Before starting a project, a PM must have a ripe project plan. However, there’s a huge possibility that the PM has prepared must be changed when the project has run.

There are a lot of factors that cause a change of plan. For example, if the environment in the site does not support the original plan, then, the alternative one must immediately be made. PMs should note that the slightest change in the initial plan might affect the timeline.

Therefore, a PM must ensure that everyone knows that there’s a revision in the plan. Updating it in the system is the best way to inform them. The system allows limited access for certain features to enable only people authorized to make the change who can update the system.

In short, a PM is not only responsible for the development of the project, but also for the project management with all of its sudden and unexpected change.

Observe and always ask questions

The situation in the field can affect the work of everyone dramatically. However, before making a decision in a rush, it’s better for PMs to actually take time to observe what causes impediment if there is any.

PMs must be familiar with the situation on the site and everyone’s responsibility who works for the project. Construction is a fast-evolving industry. It means that the equipment, technique, safety requirements, and other refinement come and go quickly and PMs should be able to keep up with the change.

The software may automate the communication process, but the site control and conferences with the contractors and designer still require the leadership skill and the expertise of a PM.

Determine the project’s budget with software

In construction, every permit, salary, material, and equipment depend on the finance of the project. Starting from the bidding to the completion of the project, a PM is responsible to track and monitor the cost, especially if it affects the budget plan.

No matter how big or small the construction project is, a software tool to monitor expense is a must. A good software enable PMs and the stakeholders to determine the budget, change the plan and other calculation related to the project.

Moreover, the system can create a quick expense permission because the approval process is carried out in the system. No one will need to sign a paper-based document.

Automate the report

A PM usually does not have enough time to read hundreds of emails in a day or call people who ask about the progress of the project.

Construction management requires a detailed reporting every certain period of time. Imagine if a PM has to do it manually. A manual report is prone to human error and it’s going to consume too much paper.


A construction software is not only useful for the PM but also everyone involve in the project such as the team, subcontractors, partners, and stakeholders. The platform helps them to have a better visibility and streamlines their tasks with real-time updates, automatic reporting, and system integration.

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