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      10 Best Construction Project Management Software in Singapore 2024

      A construction project is a series of activities to achieve a goal in the form of buildings and construction with a certain time, cost, and quality constraints. Running a construction project requires human resources, building materials, machinery, implementation methods, money, time, and the best construction management software.

      You need to know that many companies fail to initiate construction projects because of various issues. Usually, companies will implement the most integrated contractor management software to efficiently monitor the business performance of construction projects.

      Construction software companies in Singapore offer various solutions for construction project management, with many construction companies choosing to use construction ERP software from local vendors such as HashMicro.

      HashMicro’s construction ERP system can maximize the efficiency of your construction business and accurately manage projects, finances, and HR. Not only that, but you will also find some of the best construction software in Singapore. Check out the details below!


      Table of Content:

        What is Construction Software?


        Construction ERP software is a project management tool that can help your company simplify the whole process of construction activities. This system can address all your construction needs, from evaluating project scope, making construction bids, managing construction claims, and planning tasks to project payments.

        The construction management software is a complete package that you must have to facilitate efficient construction project management. This is because construction software has features to calculate budgets and manage human resources easily.

        Therefore, every company with a construction project must have the best construction software to simplify project management operations. In addition, all your construction operations can run smoothly and efficiently.

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        It would be best if you did not arbitrarily choose construction software to achieve all these things. You must ensure that the construction management software provider has the most complete and advanced features that can meet your project’s unique needs.

        The selection of the wrong vendor will result in errors in management operations that impact the loss of your business project. However, you don’t need to worry because this article has summarized all the vendors of integrated construction management software in Singapore that can be your choice. Read more below!

        Benefits of Construction Management Software

        Construction management software offers a wide range of benefits to construction companies of all sizes. Here are some of the key benefits of using construction management software:

        Improved project management efficiency

        With construction project management software, project managers can better manage resources, timelines, and budgets, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

        Enhanced collaboration and communication

        Contractor management software enables better communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, architects, and owners.

        Increased accuracy and reduced errors

        Project management software for construction industry can help reduce errors, resulting in improved project outcomes and reduced rework.

        Real-time project tracking

        The construction management app provides real-time project tracking, allowing project managers to monitor progress and identify potential issues in real-time.

        Better cost management

        Project management construction software can help with cost management by providing real-time cost tracking and analysis, allowing project managers to identify areas of overspending and make adjustments as needed. Jordan Woolf from Huntsville Roofing Solutions underscores the vital role of precise project management in delivering successful roofing projects. By adeptly managing RFIs, purchase orders, and tracking subcontractor activity, Woolf ensures efficiency and strong team collaboration, pivotal for their roof replacement services.

        Improved data analysis and reporting

        Construction software programs provide data analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling project managers to make data-driven decisions and provide stakeholders with accurate and timely reporting.

        Overall, construction management software can help construction companies improve project outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, making it an essential tool for any construction project.

        Choosing the Right Construction Management Software for Your Company

        Choosing the right construction management software is a crucial decision for any construction company. The right software can help businesses streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. When selecting construction project software, companies should consider factors such as the size of their business, the complexity of their projects, and their budget.

        They should also look for software that offers the features and functionalities that are most important for their business, such as project planning and scheduling, document management, resource management, and budget and cost management. Additionally, companies should consider the software’s ease of use, level of customer support, and integration with other business systems.

        Best Construction Management Software

        There are many options for the best construction software in Singapore. Here are some recommendations for the best construction software in Singapore that will improve your construction company.

        1. HashMicro Construction Suite

        HashMicro Construction Software

        First introduced in Singapore in 2015, HashMicro comes with the most comprehensive and affordable construction ERP solution. HashMicro has won the trust and cooperates with various large companies such as Danone, Forbes, Bee Cho, etc. Hashmicro’s best contractor management software helps automate your construction project operations.

        In addition, HashMicro’s construction system is also AI-based, so it can make your project management more effective. Many features you get from this system, such as accounting, projects, HRM, contracts, tenders, fleet, etc.

        ERP construction software Singapore from Hashmicro has many advantages, starting from being integrated with the Mobile App and being fully customizable. This is because HashMicro prioritizes user experience (UX first mindset) so that it can be adapted to your project.

        A standout feature of HashMicro’s construction system is its robust capability to monitor project activities. This functionality is designed to offer unparalleled transparency and control over every aspect of construction projects. It enables project managers and teams to keep a close watch on all ongoing activities, ensuring that every task aligns with the project timeline and objectives.

        The system provides real-time updates and detailed insights into the progress of each activity, which is crucial for managing complex construction projects. By leveraging this feature, users can promptly identify potential delays or issues, allowing for swift resolution and minimal disruption.

        Additionally, this comprehensive project management construction aids in resource allocation, ensuring that manpower and materials are utilized efficiently. The feature’s intuitive interface further simplifies the tracking process, making it accessible for all team members, regardless of their technical expertise.


        1. Facilitates collaboration across large teams.
        2. Operable without an internet connection.
        3. User-friendly setup process.
        4. Addresses a wide range of needs.
        5. Offers in-depth data analysis.
        6. Expert support available.
        7. Easily accessible on mobile devices.


        1. Feature-rich design may overwhelm smaller operations.
        2. Extended waiting period for accessing the free demonstration.

        In addition, you can use HashMicro’s construction software pricing scheme to find its full features and price range. 

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        2. Job Progress 

        Job Progress is one of the cloud-based construction project management software management solutions in Singapore. This system is here to help simplify the operations of housing renovation contractors. Construction software from Job Progress is perfect for those of you who have a small business.

        You can customize this system easily according to the company’s needs. Using this construction management software lets you control, manage, and manage your construction business whenever and wherever you are. That way, you can track, monitor, or measure the progress of your construction projects efficiently.

        You can find features such as a fully customized job & workflow manager, a paperless mobile app, online sales and marketing, CRM, etc. The benefits that you can get from Job Progress are seamless teamwork, mobile app integration, more productive work, remote access, etc. You must spend $55 / month per user and a $500 one-time setup fee to get integrated construction management software from Job Progress.


        1. Adaptable to specific business needs.
        2. Designed to meet the requirements of smaller enterprises.
        3. Accessible via mobile devices for on-the-go management.


        1. Restrictions on the number of users.
        2. Relatively expensive initial investment.
        3. Additional expenses for upkeep and updates.

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        3. Procore Construction Software

        construction management software

        One provider of cloud-based project management for construction in Singapore is Procore. Procore is a construction project management solution connecting you with field teams, administrators, and others on a single platform. Construction software from Procore can help you manage construction projects, human resources, and company finances.

        In addition, this software has a centralized system that can allow you to handle project details, schedule tasks, and view the progress of construction projects. Construction software from Procore is perfect for property developers, project managers, contractors, and architects in the construction industry.

        In addition, this system is already integrated with the mobile app. This convenience can allow you to access complete information related to construction projects quickly and accurately. You can get project management software from Procore for your construction business starting at $375 per month.


        1. All-encompassing solution for various tasks.
        2. Efficient and accurate report generation capabilities.


        1. High ongoing financial commitment.

        4. Contractor Software Group

        One of the management software developers for the construction industry is the contractor software group. One of the advantages of using this construction software is that you can access the system remotely with an internet connection.

        This system is already connected to other applications, such as accounting, CRM, and timesheets, that will facilitate the contractor’s operational activities. In addition, this software is mobile-friendly so that you can access information from any device with an internet connection.

        This system is also very suitable for residential and light commercial contractors because it can streamline business automatically. To get construction software from the Contractor Software Group, you must pay $100 per month. Some of the features you can find from this management construction include a project manager, web application, accounting, CRM, development portal, etc.


        1. Offers significant benefits for the cost.
        2. Easy to navigate and use.
        3. Efficiently tracks time for tasks and projects.


        1. Restrained data storage capacity.
        2. Resource management interface can be complicated to understand and use.

        5. CoConstruct

        The next integrated construction management software you need to know is CoConstruct. This app is here to assist you in managing projects, finances, and clients in your construction business. This integration can allow you to synchronize all operational data of construction projects online and more efficiently.

        The cost you have to spend to get this construction software starts at $99/month. While the full-packaged you can get in the price range of $299 – $499 per month. Some of the features of the construction software of CoConstruct include pre-construction prospects, CRM, timesheets, warranty, tracking project progress, etc.


        1. Efficiently monitors projects and client interactions.
        2. Streamlines financial transactions.
        3. Offers flexibility to tailor documents and processes.


        1. The mobile application lacks some functionalities or usability.
        2. Some users may find the software challenging to master initially.

        6. Bluebeam

        bluebeam construction

        If you’re looking for a construction system that can streamline project workflows while improving team collaboration in real-time, then Bluebeam is the solution. Construction management software from Bluebeam is an innovative solution that can save your construction time and costs.

        Bluebeam is perfect for design and construction professionals who need to streamline construction project planning. In addition, the application is compatible with the iPad, making it easier for you to design construction project designs more efficiently.

        You can get this software from $349 – $599 per seat. The features you will get are document and image management, design reviews, project handovers, etc. 


        1. Streamlines the process of converting drawings to PDF format.
        2. Facilitates efficient teamwork and communication through mark-up tools.


        1. Challenges in receiving adequate customer support.
        2. Difficulties in obtaining effective technical assistance.
        3. Issues encountered during software updates and upgrades.

        7. Fieldwire

        One of the construction software that is ready to help construction professionals proactively is Fieldwire. This application makes it easier for you to plan and manage construction projects more efficiently. In addition, Fieldwire’s construction system can connect the information to workers across divisions to make it more effective and efficient.

        You can also access your construction data whenever and wherever you need it. Fieldwire construction management software features are plan management, document storage, progress reports, timesheets, etc. Fieldwire offers a free option for the basic tier with a five-user limit for its own pricing. As for growing businesses, you can choose the pro version for $29 per user per month and the business version for $49 per user per month.


        1. Enables monitoring of project progress and individual task completion.
        2. View drawings and details on both iOS and Android devices.


        1. Only one user can be designated as the assignee, others are mere watchers.
        2. Restricts to a maximum of five users and excludes custom status options.
        3. Does not integrate with Slack, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar.

        8. Clear Estimates Construction Software

        One of the best contractor management software in Singapore is Clear Estimates. This application is unique because it can help you make project estimates, generate offers, manage customers, etc. This construction software is perfect for remodelers and contractors.

        In addition, the system is already cloud-based and focuses on estimating costs in just minutes. Some of the features available in Clear Estimates construction software are proposals, cost estimate reports, etc. In addition, you also try the working system of this construction application for 30 days free for new users. Furthermore, it will cost you $59 per user per month.


        1. Compatible with over 80 apps and available on all operating systems.
        2. Enhances privacy and security through a self-hosted version.


        1. Missing an integrated chat function for communication.
        2. The mobile version is not as comprehensive as the web and desktop applications.

        9. Acculynx

        acculynx construction

        Acculynx is one of the construction software to help you to see the construction business more clearly with better communication. This application can estimate the construction project thoroughly. In addition, this contractor management software offers various features such as project scheduling, project management, accounting, CRM, etc. The construction system from Acculynx gives you many conveniences such as synchronization between divisions and easy access to data. 


        1. Facilitates project planning with an interactive platform.
        2. Quick tracking of feedback with annotation tools.


        1. Absence of built-in time management features.

        10. ProContractor

        ProContractor is one of the best construction software Singapore. This cloud-based construction solution can help you in handling the complexity of the entire operational cycle of a construction project. Some benefits you will get from this construction system are increasing business visibility, improving the accuracy of reports, cost and schedule control, etc.

        In addition, ProContractor project construction management is perfect for you, both small and medium-sized businesses. You can estimate time efficiently through collaboration and integration in this contractor management software.  


        1. Unified system for various functionalities.
        2. Offers immediate understanding of the financial status of projects and portfolio.


        1. Needs more adaptability in tool configurations.
        2. Some users may find the software challenging to master initially.

        11. Projectmates Construction Software

        projectmates construction

        Projectmates is one of the cloud-based construction management software that can improve the security of your construction business data. Some features available are contract management, capital planning, timesheet, reporting, document management, etc.

        The app is straightforward, so you can manage your overall project in just one centralized system. In addition, you can also access company data in real-time whenever you need it. Another advantage is the ease of system configuration so that you can customize the construction software according to your company’s unique needs. 


        1. Includes sub-schedules and variables for detailed estimates.
        2. Ability to invite others to projects via a shareable link.


        1. Restricted to a single user on the free version.

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        How to Choose The Best Construction Project Management Software

        Choosing the right construction project management software is crucial for the efficient and successful execution of construction projects. The ideal software should not only streamline project management but also enhance communication, improve resource allocation, and foster a collaborative environment. Here’s a guide to help you select the best construction project management software for your needs:

        1. Assess Your Needs: Begin by evaluating the specific needs of your business. Consider the size of your projects, the number of team members involved, and the complexity of your operations. This assessment will help you identify the key features you require, such as task scheduling, budget management, document control, and real-time communication.
        2. Look for Integration Capabilities: The software should seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and systems, such as accounting software, CRM platforms, and other operational tools. Integration capabilities prevent data silos and ensure a unified and efficient workflow.
        3. Evaluate User Interface and Usability: A user-friendly interface is essential for quick adoption and minimal training. The software should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and accessible to all team members regardless of their tech-savviness.
        4. Consider Mobile Accessibility: In the construction industry, mobility is key. Choose software that offers robust mobile applications or mobile-friendly web interfaces. This feature ensures that team members can access information and collaborate no matter their location.
        5. Check for Customization and Scalability: The software should be flexible enough to adapt to your evolving business needs. Look for options that allow customization and can scale as your projects or business grows.
        6. Analyze the Reporting and Analytics Features: Effective software should provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. These features enable you to track progress, monitor budgets, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.
        7. Understand the Support and Training Offered: Assess the level of customer support and training provided by the software vendor. Reliable support and comprehensive training are essential for troubleshooting and ensuring that your team can leverage the software to its fullest potential.
        8. Review Security and Compliance Standards: Ensure that the software adheres to industry standards and regulations. Data security and privacy should be a top priority, particularly when handling sensitive project information.
        9. Read Reviews and Request Demos: Before making a final decision, read reviews from other users in the construction industry. Request demos or trial periods to test the software in real-world scenarios. This step can provide valuable insights into the software’s performance and suitability for your projects.
        10. Consider Cost vs. Value: Finally, weigh the cost of the software against the value it brings to your business. While it’s important to adhere to your budget, investing in a slightly more expensive option that meets all your requirements could be more beneficial in the long run.

        By carefully considering these factors, you can select a construction project management software that not only meets your immediate needs but also contributes to the long-term success and efficiency of your construction projects.


        A construction project is a series of activities to achieve a goal in the form of buildings and construction with certain time, cost, and quality constraints. The success of a construction project depends on two stages, namely, the complete and dynamic monitoring and evaluation of the project. Therefore, you need to implement the best quality construction software to monitor and evaluate construction projects.

        In addition, you should also use the construction software price calculation scheme to get a complete picture of the system. With more than a hundred construction management software vendors available in Singapore, you must be confused about choosing the right vendor. But you don’t need to worry because one of the best construction software vendors in Singapore, HashMicro, is here to answer your problems.

        One of Singapore’s complete construction management software is Hash Construction Software from HashMicro. HashMicro’s construction system provides various features that can optimize your construction project’s monitoring and evaluation process.

        You can maximize the efficiency of your construction projects through automated monitoring on the fly. Now, you don’t need to do manual monitoring and evaluation, which takes a lot of time and effort with the number #1 contractor management software in Singapore. Switch to HashMicro now for the best deals and free demos!


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