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How Supply Chain Software Help Your Food Factory Grow

Manufacturing management is the single most critical function in the food business. There is no other position that even comes close. Manufacturing managers are responsible for various tasks on the factory floor. The duties include personnel training and production scheduling. Effective manufacturing management should oversee production flow while ensuring product quality efficiently. Supply Chain Software helps you oversee production flow while ensuring product quality efficiently.

However, it is challenging for food factory managers to fulfill their responsibilities because they have many duties that managers must do simultaneously. Supply Chain Management Software can assist the managers in executing their responsibility to run the factory more efficiently. HashMicro’s Supply Chain Management Software is the solution for food factory managers to manage the flow of items and information by providing real-time analytical systems.


What is Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply Chain Management Software, often known as SCMS, is a piece of equipment that, when used, makes the process of planning and controlling the supply chain as a whole as efficient as possible. When operations are automated, businesses have advantages in product design, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. The use of SCMS helps to enhance the flow of information and the physical movement of commerce. The whole company benefits when performance is increased, cost-efficiency is increased, and supply chain efficiency is enhanced.

Although such systems have a wide range of functions, it frequently includes:

  • Handling customer requirements
  • Processing buy orders
  • Distribution and sales
  • Inventory management
  • Managing the storage and receiving of goods
  • Supplier sourcing and management

The ability to make accurate forecasts is often required for participation in a good number of SCMS. These solutions frequently reduce the imbalance between supply and demand by streamlining corporate operations and employing algorithms and consumption analysis to more accurately forecast future requirements. Additionally, the imbalance between supply and demand is typically reduced by streamlining corporate processes. In addition, SCMS typically contains integration technology that allows companies to do online commerce with supply chain colleagues. This functionality helps companies to save time and money.

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Benefits of Supply Chain Software

The leading supply chain management company in Singapore, HashMicro, can guarantee that any company that adopts its SCM software will get these benefits. These four benefits will undoubtedly increase customer contentment and business revenues. The benefits are:

Supply Chain Improves efficiency

With automation, you can quickly fulfill the requests of your clients, which removes the previously existing bottleneck in the supply chain. You will be able to achieve greater levels of productivity with the help of SCM from HashMicro.

Supply Chain On-time delivery

When it comes to businesses with more than one warehouse, HashMicro assures that they will be well-maintained and record every transaction securely. As a result, the supply chain management system will assist you in reducing the impact of human mistakes.

Supply Chain supports Multi-warehouse

The items need to arrive within the estimated delivery window. Therefore, SCM from HashMicro ensures that every cycle, beginning with the ordering process and continuing through delivery, is efficiently structured so that clients will receive their orders as scheduled.

Supply Chain Sales forecasting

Predictions may be challenging to make in business settings because of the ever-changing nature of the market environment. Thanks to the trustworthy HashMicro’s supply chain software, you can quickly adapt to the market’s dynamic nature, enabling you to generate automatic sales projections.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Features of Supply Chain Software

supply chain software features and benefits

The supply chain management system is one of the crucial elements of the HashMicro ERP that is known for assisting the client’s company in prospering. As a result, more than six features are available in the HashMicro supply chain management system software. The six main advantages of using the program are as follows:

Supply Chain Inventory management

Keeping in mind that the warehouse and inventory management are in excellent functioning is essential to any food factory’s operations. SCM provides a fully integrated pallet administration to handle registration correctly and monitor all logistical operations so that your inventory management is always in excellent condition. Follow the availability of your products, find them, and make inventory modifications to reduce risks and mistakes.

Procurement management

Supply chain management software may assist you in comparing costs and information from several suppliers before making a material purchase. SCM application development may aid in the creation of buy bids and employ analytical tools to filter through vendor-sent documents and crucial process data. Receive an alert when your inventory falls below the required level and automatically send buy orders to your suppliers.

Order management

Order updates, tracking of order progress, and more efficient order fulfillment. It helps firms automate the order-processing cycle. Examples include:

  • Setting price and product configurations.
  • Scheduling supplier deliveries.
  • Producing and monitoring purchase orders.

Shipment tracing

Find your courier’s location to ensure that all of the clients’ orders are delivered on time. It aids in channel coordination for transportation, enhancing delivery efficiency and elevating client delight. Additionally, it works well with all modes of transportation and storage facilities.

Return management

To increase customer satisfaction, streamline the returns procedure, and provide reliable solutions. Assists with processing refunds or insurance claims and inspecting and managing defective or damaged 

Planning and forecasting

Using sophisticated analytics, you can predict future demand and inventory needs and ensure you have the proper stock quantity. It is simple to predict consumer requirements and wants using supply chain management and managing resources and inventories. Based on previous demand, the system can also estimate the market for new products.

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Nothing is more important than overseeing the supply chain from beginning to finish in the food factory. When running their supply chain activities, businesses regularly encounter supply chain problems. This problem is challenging and will take much time to solve. However, you can quickly tackle the challenges using integrated supply chain management software. Business needs the best supply chain management software from HashMicro to resolve difficulties.

Last but not least, improved product control provides more information from this automated SCM software, enabling you to assure the quality and safety of your goods. Utilizing top-notch supply chain management software will help you reduce losses from products that don’t meet market demand. It also reduces storing inventories for an excessive amount of time.

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