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Solving Main Problems in Supply Chain with SCM Application

Supply chain management is one of the challenges that companies face. Regardless of producing, supplying, or managing the inventory process, if there is an error at any of these stages, the business’s overall condition can also be affected. The use of manual methods in this process will make it prone to errors. Therefore, requiring a particular SCM application will help efficiently manage supply chain activities.

Why is the SCM application important?

Supply chain management can be a complex series of activities because the more extensive a business’s scale, the more complex the supply chain will be. By 2020, Accenture reports that more than 70% of Chief Supply Chain Officers believe that the supply chain will be a crucial driver of better customer service for their organizations.

Here are some common supply chain problems and how a CRM application can solve them:

Procurement problems

Problems related to slow workflow, lack of transparency, time wastage, and high costs are some of the procurement process problems. A suitable and custom SCM system can solve this problem while procuring materials and goods for the business.

Before purchasing materials, supply chain management software can help you compare prices and details from different vendors. SCM application development can help generate quotations for purchases, use analysis tools to sort out documents that vendors send and essential process information.

Inventory mismanagement

In managing inventory, it is possible to run out of stock or add too much stock to existing storage. Therefore, products can be in the warehouse for a long time and can also cause damaged goods.

The SCM application helps organize and track inventory items by the supplier, serial number, tag, barcode, SKU, or ID. One centralized system will be able to manage stock in multiple warehouses. With accurate item location information, you can book sales while the item is being made or is on the way.

The company can also receive notifications when the number of specific items reaches a predetermined low limit and automatic stock replenishment by arranging re-orders according to a particular date.

Logistical problems

Logistics is a big part of the supply chain system, and any problem in this part can destroy the whole process. From ordering, transportation to logistics analysis, taking every step must be careful. If it cannot result in damage or loss of goods during transport, delay in delivery, even delay in the production process.

The SCM system will help strategize the shipping methods and routes that are most suitable for the company’s goods and services. Stay in touch with carriers and shippers who help all concerned.

Difficulty in resource planning

Supply and demand is quite a problematic aspect for any company. In this stage, there are several activities, from forecasting consumer demand, purchasing planning, and production planning to preparing labor and transportation. To solve this problem,  business has to plan resources efficiently.

Supply chain applications make it easy to estimate customer needs and demands and provide solutions for managing resources and inventory. The system can also calculate the market for new products based on historical demand.


The main objective of Supply Chain Management is to match supply with demand. To achieve this, the supply chain must be free of problems as previously described. Technological assistance, mostly automated solutions, can not only simplify the process but also optimize it. Increase efficiency in every process involved.

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