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10 Best Supply Chain Management Software for Businesses in Singapore – 2024

Embarking on the dynamic landscape of Singaporean business with confidence means embracing robust supply chain management software, which is a key factor for sustained success. This software is a digital solution that helps businesses plan, execute, and optimize their supply chain operations, involving tasks such as warehouse management, order fulfillment, and logistics. For this, inventory software in Singapore such as Hashmicro might help in managing the supply chain of Singapore businesses.

Most supply chain management software caters to businesses of all sizes in Singapore, offering benefits from streamlining inventory and order processes to optimizing supply chains in real-time. With a number of supply chain management software offering different key features and benefits, it is important to not lag behind in the race for efficiency and excellence.

To help you filter out the right software solution, we will discuss the 10 best supply chain planning and management software for 2024. Keep reading and ensure that you are well equipped to make informed decisions and elevate your business to new heights!

Key Takeaways

  • Success in the dynamic Singaporean business landscape relies on adopting robust supply chain management software.
  • Supply chain tools software acts as a digital solution, aiding businesses in planning, executing, and optimizing operations like inventory management and order fulfillment.
  • Catering to businesses of all sizes in Singapore, these software options streamline processes and optimize supply chains in real-time.
  • With varied options, businesses are urged to stay ahead by choosing a software that aligns with their efficiency and excellence goals.
  • The top ten supply chain management software options for 2024 include HashMicro, NetSuite, E2open, and many more.

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    supply chain management software

    HashMicro’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software is a well-known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from Singapore designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of the supply chain. It provides complete visibility and advanced analytics to plan, source, deliver, and forecast products efficiently. Furthermore, it empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve growth and scalability by providing unlimited user access and customization to meet their diverse business needs.

    Through this software for supply chain management vendor, you can explore valuable growth possibilities for your business, especially with its collaboration with Singapore government grants. Businesses in Singapore can benefit from the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) subsidies up to 50% and the NTUC CTC Grant subsidies up to 70%.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Inventory Management: Tracks goods availability, locates items, and allows adjustments to avoid risks and errors.
    • Automated Procurement: Streamlines the procurement process by automating purchase orders to suppliers when stocks reach minimum levels, ensuring timely restocking, reducing errors, saving time, and ensuring cost efficiency.
    • Order Management: Tracks order status, provides updates, and enhances the overall order fulfillment process for efficient customer service.
    • Shipment Tracking: Locates courier whereabouts to ensure on-time delivery of customer orders, improving delivery reliability.
    • Return Management: Simplifies the return process, enhancing customer satisfaction by streamlining and managing returns effectively.
    • Advanced Analytics and Forecasting: Harnesses machine learning and AI for precise demand forecasting, optimizing inventory levels, reducing holding costs, and facilitating reordering suggestions, offline inventory monitoring with pop-up notifications, vendor rating systems, trend analysis reminders, and adaptive forecasting based on seasonal and non-seasonal data.
    • Integrated Planning and Execution with SCM Software Integration: Seamlessly integrates planning with execution, aligning supply with demand and reducing excess inventory by incorporating CRM-Sales, Procurement, Inventory Management, and Transportation Management systems on a unified platform for streamlined processes.
    Pros Cons
    Improves efficiency with automation
    Multi-warehouse support
    User-friendly interface
    Integration options with other essential modules
    Available subsidies from EDG and NTUC CTC Grant
    Free demo
    Unlimited user
    × Long queue for the free demo
    × Initial learning curve for new users


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    scm tools

    Tada is a supply chain management software recognized for its collaboration. With a focus on providing tools for collaboration with multiple suppliers or across departments, Tada facilitates various collaborative processes, including demand forecasting, purchase order acceptance, communication of changing shipment plans, and seamless handling of escalations. The software incorporates AI-driven analytics for informed decision-making based on actual trends and patterns.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Real-Time Alerts to Changes and Disparity: Provides real-time alerts to changes and discrepancies in the supply chain.
    • Phased Deployment: Minimizes disruption to business operations.
    • Real-Time Inventory Management: Manages inventory in real-time.
    Pros Cons
    Effective collaboration tools
    Software implementation carried out in phases
    Inventory management
    × Long deployment time
    × Demo requirement for pricing information access


    supply chain management software

    Shippabo is a specialized supply chain management software with a focus on ocean freight deliveries. It provides services to streamline the import process for goods from overseas, catering to both pre-assembled items and large factory-sourced raw materials for assembly.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Cost Management: Manages and optimizes costs associated with supply chain operations.
    • SKU-Level Visibility: Visibility into stock keeping unit (SKU)-level details for precise tracking.
    • Trade Services: Facilitates and optimizes trade-related processes.
    • Loose Container Load: Manages loose container load shipments for flexibility.
    • Ocean Freight Services: For managing ocean freight deliveries.
    Pros Cons
    Comprehensive shipping solution
    Compliance management
    Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) compatibility
    × Needed improvement for user interface
    × Pricing details are not transparent
    × Lack of client-facing API

    Logiwa WMS

    supply chain management software

    Logiwa WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a supply chain tools software designed with features such as order management automation and real-time syncing. It is equipped with an open application programming interface (API), facilitating communication with other supply chain planning software and e-commerce platforms.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Order Management Automation: Streamlines the order management process.
    • Real-time Syncing: Real-time synchronization of data and processes.
    Pros Cons
    Quick response time
    Flexible payment options
    × Long onboarding time
    × Limited units of measurement


    supply chain tools

    Precoro’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) tool is specifically tailored for purchase approvals. It focuses on providing supply chain visibility to all departments within an organization, enabling specific departments or individuals to approve supply chain decisions. This allows for a tailored and department-specific approval process, such as authorizing raw goods purchases for the production department or approving card stock purchases for marketing campaigns.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Instant Purchase Order Generation: Quick and efficient generation of purchase orders.
    • Third-Party Integrations: Seamless integration capabilities with third-party tools.
    • Automatic Budget Limits: Ensures adherence to budget limits.
    Pros Cons
    Streamlined approval workflow
    Third-party integrations
    Automatic budget limits
    × No open purchase order report feature
    × Inventory features need improvement
    × Lack of invoice process integration

    E2openscm tools

    E2open is an online supply chain management software focused on creating a more responsive and demand-driven supply chain. It facilitates supply chain monitoring, analytics, planning, order processing, inventory and warehouse management, transportation management, sourcing and procurement, supplier management, and client collaboration. E2open also allows seamless integration of existing data without data loss.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Supply Chain Monitoring: Monitors the supply chain, including customizable notifications and in-transit status updates.
    • Order Processing Management: Efficient management of order processing workflows.
    • Inventory Management: Oversees and optimizes inventory levels.
    • Warehouse Management: Features for efficient warehouse management.
    • Transportation Management: Streamlines and optimizes transportation processes.
    Pros Cons
    Comprehensive features
    Demand-driven approach
    Data integration
    × Pricing details are not provided
    × Limited transparency in client collaboration


    supply chain management software

    NetSuite is an enterprise supply chain analytics software suite focusing on predictive analytics, leveraging data analysis for forecasting. Its supply chain optimization tools are integral to its ERP software suite. Owned by Oracle, NetSuite operates on the Oracle SCM Cloud platform. The software emphasizes on predictive tools, enabling users to forecast market demand and efficiently manage inventory.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Demand Forecasting: Utilizes predictive analytics for accurate market demand forecasting.
    • Shipping Management: Dedicated to effective management of shipping processes.
    Pros Cons
    Predictive analytics
    Unified data management
    Stockout minimization
    × Lack of transparent pricing
    × Onboarding challenges
    × Documentation improvement needed


    scm toolsSAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) is an enterprise software solution providing business intelligence tools. This software includes AI-powered predictive analytics, integrated planning tools for a demand-driven supply chain, and supplier management tools to ensure optimal collaboration with vendors. It utilizes advanced technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer visibility and analytics, aiding users in planning, sourcing, and delivering goods and materials.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Sales Forecasts, Inventory Targets, Supply Plans, and Financial Plans: Integration of various planning aspects for decision-making.
    • Streamlined and Integrated Transportation Management Processes: Optimizes and integrates transportation management for efficiency.
    • Enhanced Storage and Inventory Management Processes: Improves storage and inventory management.
    • Partners Across the Supply Chain: Collaboration tools for effective communication with multiple tiers of suppliers.
    • Digitize and Automate Source-to-Contract Process: Automates the source-to-contract process for all spend categories.
    Pros Cons
    AI analytics
    Comprehensive suite
    × Complex implementation
    × Pricing not specified

    Magaya Supply Chain

    supply chain management software

    Magaya Supply Chain is a software solution designed for retailers, warehousers, and third-party logistics providers. It serves as an all-in-one platform facilitating order tracking, warehouse management, financial management, and other crucial business processes. The software ensures synchronized and consistent data across various operations.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Demand Forecasting: Predicts and plans for demand fluctuations.
    • Shipping Management: Dedicated to efficient shipping management.
    Pros Cons
    Bundled solutions
    Real-time CBP communication
    Digitized supply chain
    × UI needs updates
    × Limited support hours
    × Customer service issues


    supply chain tools software

    Logility is a supply chain software designed to offer advanced analytics and optimized planning, empowering users to gain a competitive advantage. The software presents a digital supply chain that utilizes intelligent solutions, enabling proactive responses to market dynamics. Logility also features collaborative scenario analytics and advanced analytics to address complex retail and supply chain planning challenges.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Integrated Business Planning: Integrates various business aspects for cohesive decision-making.
    • Master Data Management: Efficient management of master data for enhanced accuracy.
    • Supply Optimization: Streamlines and enhances the supply chain.
    • Retail Optimization: Addresses specific challenges in retail planning.
    Pros Cons
    Analytical capability
    Strategic planning tools
    Digital supply chain
    × Pricing complexity for potential users
    × Learning curve

    Choosing the Right Supply Chain Management Software

    Now that you know a number of best SCM software solutions, how to choose a supply chain software for your business? To help you make an informed decision and select the most suitable supply chain management software for your business needs, here are several things that you should consider:

    Understanding your business needs

    The first step involves assessing your business requirements, whether it’s supply planning, warehouse management, or collaboration. Choose software that aligns with these needs.

    Feature analysis

    Once your needs are clear, you can evaluate the features offered by different supply chain management software options. Prioritize features that are crucial for your business operations, such as demand forecasting or shipping management.

    Pricing considerations 

    Compare pricing structures among various software options to find the most cost-effective solution for your budget. Ensure that the chosen software offers value for money and meets your specific requirements.

    Customer satisfaction

    You should check customer reviews to gauge the real-world experiences of businesses using the supply chain management software. Verify if the promises made by vendors align with the satisfaction levels of actual users.

    Compatibility and reliability

    Examine how well the chosen software integrates with your existing software, such as accounting and sales. Additionally, ensure the reliability of the vendor by considering their longevity in the market and the support services they provide.

    Industry-specific customization

    Not all supply chain management software is universally suitable. Choose a software application tailored to your industry and product type to ensure seamless integration with your supply chain processes.

    Hardware system requirements

    Verify the flexibility of the selected supply chain management software in terms of operating systems and database compatibility. Ensure it aligns with any special hardware requirements to avoid potential disruptions in your supply chain process.


    Embracing a robust supply chain management software is essential for success in the dynamic landscape of Singaporean business. Among the top solutions for 2024, HashMicro’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software, a Singaporean-designed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, stands out with features like automated procurement, order management, advanced analytics, and many more features that can be seen by clicking on the image below.


    Offering unlimited user access and customization, HashMicro empowers businesses of all sizes in diverse industries. With subsidies of up to 50% through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and up to 70% with the NTUC CTC Grant, HashMicro might just be your gateway to growth and excellence in Singapore. Experience its efficiency and user-friendliness with a free demo, and unlock the transformative potential of HashMicro’s supply chain solution for your business!

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