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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Supermarket Cashier Software

With technology getting more advanced, it simplifies various business activities. For the supermarket business, modern and automated technology helps in process of managing transactions. You can do easy transaction management for supermarket businesses by using Cashier POS (Point of Sales) software or supermarket cashier software.

Supermarket cashier software is a software to make it easy for you to take notes of your sales transactions. More than that, using this software also helps you manage trading, inventory, and employee salaries. Nowadays, there are many companies providing supermarket cashier software in Singapore. Therefore, below are ten tips to choose the right one for you.


Look For Complete and Easy Features

Generally, supermarket cashier system helps you manage finance and transactions. However, that is the minimum function of it. Therefore, you need to make sure that the software you choose is fully featured.

A fully featured supermarket cashier software usually has many supporting features with various functions, like inventory management, promotion program, and sales analysis for every supermarket branch. These features will surely make your supermarket business processes more efficient.

Has a Membership Feature

Customer loyalty is crucial for the survival of a business, including the supermarket. One of the strategies to increase customer loyalty is by utilizing supermarket cashier system with a membership feature. With this feature, you can give promos, vouchers, and rewards to customers who have become a member.

One of the companies providing a supermarket cashier system with membership feature loyalty and reward is HashMicro. With this, you can give rewards or loyal programs for your customers to maintain and even improve their loyalty.

Supermarket Cashier Software

Choice of Payment Method Supported by Supermarket Cashier Software

The development of technology affects the variety of payment methods other than cash payment. Some of the payment methods that people often use are credit cards, e-wallets, and debit cards. With so many payment methods, your supermarket business needs to have supermarket cashier software that supports those methods.

By using the software which supports various payment methods, it will make it easier for customers to do transactions with your supermarket. This will result in an increase in customer satisfaction.


As a supermarket owner with multiple branches, you need a cashier system that can be accessed by many people in each of them. That is why, if you use a multi-user supermarket cashier system, you can see reports with each branch’s accounts. Not only that, but the safety of the accounts is guaranteed.

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Understand the Features of the Supermarket Cashier Software Offered

There are many foreign terms and features on supermarket cashier software that supermarket business owners have not yet understood. Therefore, you have to understand the terms and features of the software before using it. To do that, you can ask the provider so that you can gain maximum benefits from supermarket cashier software.

Supermarket Cashier Software

Ability to Connect With Cloud

Using cloud-based software will give you many benefits. With cloud technology, you can easily access data from anywhere and at any time. Other than that, cloud-based supermarket cashier software helps you to control and monitor easily and securely because the data is centralized.

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Customer Service Availability in Supermarket Cashier Software

The availability of customer service should also be considered when choosing the right cashier system for your supermarket business. Customer service is essential whenever there is an error in the software as it can be handled more quickly. The faster the problem is handled, the lesser your business loss will be.

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Integrated With Accounting Software

The best supermarket cashier software can be seen from the integration with other software, for example accounting software. With the integration, bookkeeping and making financial reports from transactions in your supermarket will be much simpler. Not only that, but tracking your profits and losses from every supermarket branch will also be easier.

Supermarket Cashier Software

Synchronize Sales Stock

The next tip on choosing a supermarket cashier software is to make sure that the software that you choose is synchronized with sales stock. Synchronization with sales stock is useful to monitor the stock of sold goods. With this, you will be able to manage transactions and sales history easily. In addition, you will also be able to predict the cash flow accurately.

Adjust Budget When Choosing Supermarket Cashier Software

This last tip is the most important one in choosing the best supermarket cashier system for you. It involves budget. So before deciding to use one, make sure that you know your budget. You have to have a full understanding of how much you have to spend and the features that you will get.


Utilizing a supermarket cashier system for your supermarket business is one of the ways to manage your transactions and business processes more easily. However, before deciding to use it, you should choose the right software as it is crucial for the survival and continuity of your supermarket business. There are some tips and considerations that supermarket business owners need to understand to choose it to gain the full benefits.

Regarding which to choose, there is one of the most fully-featured supermarket cashier software that you can use for your business. HashMicro’s supermarket POS cashier system might be the right one for you. With its main features and integration with other softwares, like accounting, purchasing, and inventory. More than that, you can also save budget with its Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) up to 70%.


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